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Romantic | 189 minutes

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  • Director: Aditya Chopra
  • Actors: Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Amrish Puri, Farida Jalal
  • Genres: Romantic
  • Country: IN

Our Review

THE BLUF- The movie that changed the meaning of love and made many people fall and believe in love. 

THE MEAT AND THE POTATOES- The movie shot in London is about how a middle class person migrates from Punjab to lead a better life and secure the future of his children but still loves the smell of Punjab ki Mitti. The story is about Raj who on his tour to Europe meets Simran and develops feelings for her but is unable to propose to her as her marriage is already fixed in Punjab. She later realises that she too misses him and then the story is shot in Punjab with Raj reaching there to woo her and her family. 

IN THE ZONE- Shah Rukh Khan plays Raj who was a name in every household and all girls wanted a life partner like him. This movie was a game changer for him and got him to the top with a Super Star tag. Kajol plays Simran who too showed her true acting skills playing the naive daughter and a true lover. What a performance. Amrish Puri plays Kajol's father and was a treat to watch with his ram rod straight anger. Parmeet Sethi in his first movie plays Kuljeet Singh the to be husband of Kajol. Good performance. Anupam Kher plays the role of Shah Rukh Khan's father and is impressed with his son failing in his examination to continue the parampara of his family. A hilarious character. Mandira Bedi plays Preeti Singh and this was her first movie for which she was well accepted by the audience. 

FWAR-  We are the Raj  and Simran,so really, don't ask us to find faults with this movie that inspired generations to  fight for the person we love. It started a whole tradition of Europe travel. Did wonders for the repuation of many institutions like , the Eurorial, 

The songs composed by Jatin Lalit were great and even today are soothing to the ears. The acting department and the direction was very well handled. No regrets or complaints.

The dialogue, 'JAA SIMRAN JAA JEE LE APNI ZINDAGI' was the most talked about in those days. Even today we hear this in a wedding house which is enacted as a humor. The film has completed 25 glorious years and the memory is still fresh. 

WHAT WE LOVED- Everything 

WHAT WE MISSED- Can we go back to 1995 to re-visit the experience. 



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