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Horror | 155 mins

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  • Director: Ashok G.
  • Actors: Bhumi Pednekar, Arshad Warsi, Jisshu Sengupta, Mahie Gill
  • Genres: Horror
  • Country: IN
  • Language: Hindi, English

Our Review

Starring: Arshad Warsi, Bhumi Pednekar, Mahie Gill, Jisshu Sengupta

Directed by Ashok G.

Rating: 9/10


An IAS Officer is convicted for the murder of her fiancée. Her politically motivated interrogation is conducted in a haunted mansion. This is the story of the ghost, the interrogation, and the underlying reasons.


The story about the IAS Officer, Bhumi Pednekar who falls in love with a Stanford alum activist while working in villages in India, the nexus of the politicians, and the ghost of Durgamati, the Queen of the haunted palace where the off the book investigation occurs.

The story moves in flashbacks for Chanchal, the convicted officer, as she undergoes interrogation by Mahie Gill, a CBI Officer. Without giving away the plot, the story has twists and turns that lead to Chanchal being shifted to a mental asylum. And it ends on a baffling note.


When the genre is horror, every scene is an essential stitch in the narrative. In that department, Durgamati rules. The music, the graphics, the voice, the actors are all in the right place.

Bhumi Pednekar performs with sheer brilliant versatility in a challenging genre. Arshad Warsi has been one of the most underrated actors in Hindi cinema.  After Asur, he delivers another good execution of a character.

Mahie Gill and Jishu Sengupta both entirely steer through their roles.


The SFX, graphics, horror sequences, music, and fear factor are essentially top-notch.

You feel the gut-wrenching emotions with the sight of a lone woman in a haunted palace with creaky doors and fearful shadows. The horror genre explored in Durgamati is not only because it evokes fear but also engrosses its viewers in an entire emotional gamut. You almost want the ghost to win.

The sets, costumes, editing, and the entire cinematic cycle are visually appealing and backed by a good solid script.

The twists at the end of the story are inventive. The ghost sequences choreography has used unusual camera shots, and the lighting technique is world-class.

WHAT WE LOVED: The story, the actors, a good horror flick and a believable horror story

WHAT WE MISSED: hmm…. Good for horror is good for us.


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3 Months ago

Very Well Executed Horror Movie


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