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Thriller | 125 Minutes

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  • Director: Bugs Bhargava Krishna
  • Actors: Arjun Rampal, RAjit Kapur, Manaav Kaul, Anand Tiwari
  • Genres: Thriller
  • Country: IN
  • Language: Hindi English

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Cast: Arjun Rampal, Manav Kaul, Anand Tiwari, Rajit Kapur, Madhoo Shah, Samreen Kaur
Director: Bugs Bhargava Krishna


BLUF: Veer Singh ( Maanav Kaul), an ex-army officer and an undercover spy now works with kids at a school post-retirement. Law enforcement finds evidence about him being a kingpin of sexual assaults and killing of migrant children. The courtroom drama and the investigation reveals interesting plots. This movie is based on a true story.



Well-heeled, prominent lawyer Sid Jaisingh (Rampal), who has acrimonious feelings towards his father, gets a case to represent from an undisclosed powerful quarter.

Amit Kumar (Tiwari), the public prosecutor brings a solid case for the judge to adjudicate. Judge Bhusan (Kapur) presides, retaining a fair open mind. Meanwhile, a vicious incident pushes Veer Singh to the precipice, and the story makes us examine the intricacies of the crime. Is it a person’s body or the mind that commits a crime? What happens when the mind does not exist in the same form as before?


The keystone of this entire story is Maanav Kaul’s characterization of Veer Singh. Not only does he excel in the portrayal but also keeps the story together. His inconspicuous portrayal of this complex character is perhaps one of the best character portrayals in the history of cinema; not only because of the character development but also the understated depiction of the character by Maanav Kaul.

Arjun Rampal, another understated actor, shines in his role as does veteran actor Rajit Kapur is as authentic as ever. Anand Tiwari hits the right notes.

The film is slick and technically superlative despite a small budget. The cinematography by Deep Metkar is terrific. Editor Tinni Mitra has aced the editing to make a really sick screen experience happen. The background score by Sanjay Wadekarenhances the thriller plot.


Bugs Bhargava Krishna has written and directed this amazingly simple, uncomplicated courtroom psychological thriller that would be a very predictive story to tell had it not been for the narrative, the screenplay, and the brilliance of the actors. The Director controls the narrative very expertly and the audience is shepherded to go only where he wants them to go to explore.

The chemistry of the cast, the fluidity of the actors to live off each other’s performances and deliver in a crisp, tight storyline – a magnificent rendition of the plot all work in favor of the director.

Some glimpse of “Primal Fear” can be felt here and there but the thriller holds its own except in the scenes around some parts of the Kashmir footage which could have been clearly omitted to hold the sanctity of the main plot.

It remains, however, a true binge



The cast, the writing, great dialogues the technical experience of the storytelling.


Some slow parts could have been omitted. Better music.


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2 Months ago

Brilliant acting by Maanav Kaul. Totally out of the park


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