Main Cast: Kim Jung-Hyun, Lim Soo-Hyang, Kim Da-Som, An Woo-Yeon


Centuries ago, Oh-Hyun (played by Kim Jung-Hyun) was a brave and talented swordsman and warrior who taught Seol-Hui (played by Lim Soo-Hyang) self-defense and sword-wielding skills. As Oh-Hyun and Seol-Hui continued to spend more time together the couple eventually fell in love; however Seol-Hui was betrothed to an older, and more influential gentleman as his concubine. However, Oh-Hyun and Seol-Hui developed a plan to run away together during the journey to Seol-Hui’s wedding. Their plan almost succeeded until Oh-Hyun was killed in a swordfight. As a result of losing the man she loved, Seol-Hui murdered her new husband on their wedding night and committed suicide in an attempt to rejoin Oh-Hyun in the afterlife. 

Although Oh-Hyun waited centuries in the underworld for Seol-Hui, the couple was never reunited. As a result, Oh-Hyun forgot the face and name of the woman he was waiting for and became increasingly angry. He was eventually cursed by the “Creator” and became “Kokdu”, an underworld god who leads the deceased in the afterlife. However, every 99 years, Oh-Hyun enters a human body that looks just like him, and is forced to carry out the murders of immoral people. Kokdu’s curse is finally lifted once he wins over Seol-Hui’s heart; however it seems much more difficult than it seems since he cannot remember Seol-Hui’s face. 

Fast forward to the present, Seol-Hui has been reincarnated as Han Gye-Jeol. Despite being a knowledgeable doctor, Gye-Jeol receives harsh criticism and unfair treatment and a lack of respect from her patients / their families and hospital directors since she graduated from a small, unknown medical school. Gye-Jeol is saved by Do Jin-Woo and eventually joins his hospital. However, Jin-Woo is brutally murdered by his hospital director as he attempts to uncover the corruption and mistreatment that resulted in a patient’s death. Kokdu is reincarnated into Jin-Woo’s body and frequently runs into Gye-Jeol, however neither of them have any recollection of their past lives’ interactions. 


Kokdu: Season of Deity is a lighthearted and entertaining drama. The series does an excellent job of flipping between the past and present as it provides additional layers of details of the couple’s entangled past. Lim Soo-Hyang also does a great job at portraying Gye-Jeol. She reminds me of a kind-hearted golden retriever as she always has an upbeat attitude that consciously cares for others. Even when she’s angry at Jin-Woo, her character is still cute and endearing. 

Additionally, Kim Jung-Hyun also does a great job at playing multiple characters. It was very entertaining to see the sharp contrast in personality between Jin-Woo and Kokdu. Jung-Hyun did an excellent job at seamlessly switching from a conservative, yet calculated Jin-Woo to an emotionally unstable, angry Kokdu. 

New episodes of Kokdu: Season of Deity are released each Friday and Saturday on Viki!
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