The popular K-drama “Blood Free” aired its final episode, Episode 10, this week on Hulu. The conclusion provided an intriguing ending for BF Group CEO Yoon Ja-Yoo (played by Han Hyo-Joo), bodyguard Woo Chae-Woon (Ju Ji-Hoon), and other characters in the storyline. After an attack left both Ja-Yoo and Chae-Woon gravely injured, many questions remained unanswered, such as how the two managed to survive. The ending suggests that the series will continue with a second season.

“Blood Free” follows the story of Yoon Ja-Yoo, CEO of the biotechnology lab BF Group, which leads the market in genetically engineered cultured meat. Her ambition to disrupt the human-animal food chain and create a dominant species faces opposition from elite groups aiming to take over the company. To assist in her mission, she hires soldier-turned-bodyguard Woo Chae-Woon.

In the final showdown of Episode 10, Prime Minister Seon Woo-Jae confronts Yoon Ja-Yoo. Woo-Jae orders a search and seizure of BF Group and plots revenge against his father, DORSON Chairman Seon Woo-Geun. Simultaneously, Ja-Yoo hunts down assassin Park Sang-Min, only to be ambushed by Woo-Geun and face a larger crisis at BF Group. Woo Chae-Woon returns from Dubai with crucial information about the terrorist Kir, prepared to defend Ja-Yoo one last time.

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The episode begins with Ja-Yoo showcasing the lab to selected organ transplant doctors, instructing them to digitize their expertise into the company’s system to operate on her using BF Group’s technology. Using Sang-Min’s real name, Jin Sun-Wan, and his identification card, Ja-Yoo lures him by promising to protect him from DORSON’s attack. After battling DORSON and Woo-Geun’s men, Sang-Min arranges a secret meeting with Ja-Yoo.

Ja-Yoo went to meet him but found Sang-Min gravely injured. Sang-Min pleaded with Ja-Yoo to take him to the company and save his life. Meanwhile, two of Woo-Geun’s men followed them, as did Ja-Yoo’s close friend and BF Group co-founder, On San. Before On San could save Ja-Yoo, the two men pushed their car off the top of a building, severely injuring both Ja-Yoo and Sang-Min. They were rushed to BF Group, where doctors began operating on Ja-Yoo, replacing all her organs with cultured ones.

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Did Seon Woo-Jae succeed in his BF Group search and seizure order?

Prime Minister Seon Woo-Jae realized that both Ja-Yoo and Sang-Min were taken to the BF Group lab. He ordered the search and seizure of BF Group to commence. On San initially managed to restrict the order by using their technology to close off the basement, but this effort ultimately failed. Woo-Jae’s aides hacked into BF Group’s system, disabling and dismantling their defenses. As a result, the basement doors opened, and Woo-Jae’s order proceeded.

Additionally, Woo-Geun sent armed men to take over BF Group and eliminate Ja-Yoo. Bodyguard Woo Chae-Woon arrived just in time to protect her, single-handedly taking on the armed men. Despite being injured multiple times, he continued to fight, even killing some of the attackers. However, he soon discovered that other men had blackmailed Seo-Hui into opening the lab.

The armed men entered the lab and interrupted Ja-Yoo’s surgery, demanding that Chae-Woon show them where the organs were kept. The team, including On San, Seo-Hui, and Hong Sae-Ip, fought back against the intruders. The battle ended with Chae-Woon collapsing on the floor, fighting for his life.

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Did Seon Woo-Jae succeed in seeking revenge against his father Woo-Geun?

Following the attack on BF Group, Woo-Jae participated in an interview with a news channel. He claimed that Chae-Woon accused Woo-Geun of masterminding the Azoran bomb blast. Woo-Jae suggested that Chae-Woon made the accusation due to PTSD from witnessing the explosion. While Woo-Jae accused BF Group of trying to make Chae-Woon seem innocent, he also hinted at his father Woo-Geun’s involvement in the terror attack.

Woo-Jae noted that many believed Woo-Geun to be the mastermind and mentioned that people informed him that his father had paid the terrorist to frame an innocent individual. He urged citizens not to blindly trust Woo-Geun and to investigate further, expressing his own faith in his father. However, when a reporter played a recording of a conversation between Woo-Geun and Jung Hae-Dun, DORSON’s Chairman, Woo-Geun’s true nature was revealed.

The recording showed Woo-Geun plotting against BF Group, seemingly betraying his son’s trust. As a result, Woo-Geun was arrested for his crimes. Consequently, Woo-Jae stepped down from his position as Prime Minister and became DORSON’s new Chairman, sending his father to prison.

Finally, as DORSON Chairman, Seon Woo-Jae succeeded in retrieving BF Group’s hard drives from the search and seizure. However, he remained doubtful about Yoon Ja-Yoo’s death. Woo-Jae used the hackers as test subjects to experiment with the data from the hard drives, hinting at the need for a continuation of the storyline to see if he succeeds in his new endeavor.


What happened to Jung Hae-Dun?

Jung Hae-Dun suffered from memory loss after the accident and began visiting a psychiatrist, aware that BF Group was monitoring her. On San followed her to the hospital and reassured her that she could live her life comfortably, promising that BF Group would no longer keep tabs on her. In a conversation with her doctor, Hae-Dun expressed a desire to regain her memories, saying, “Perhaps I lived such an ordinary life that I could’ve been boring.” This hints that Hae-Dun will play a more significant role in the storyline in the future.

Are Yoon Ja-Yoo, Woo Chae-Woon alive?

While defending BF Group in front of the prosecution, On San argued that they acted solely in self-defense when killing the armed men. He emphasized that Ja-Yoo, as the CEO, had no involvement in the attack. The scene then flashed back to the BF team working together to fend off the attackers, resulting in Chae-Woon being gravely injured and Ja-Yoo’s surgery being paused.

In the present, On San subtly suggested that Ja-Yoo might still be alive but admitted to having no knowledge of Chae-Woon’s whereabouts.

At the end of the episode, an unconscious Chae-Woon wakes up somewhere in the BF lab, while only Ja-Yoo’s voice is heard, wondering where she is. This indicates that both survived and that Ja-Yoo’s surgery using cultured organs was successful. However, with the data gone and the two alive, the storyline hints at a potential second season. Will they fight to retrieve the data from Woo-Jae? Will Woo-Jae succeed in his experiment and take over BF Group? What larger role will Jung Hae-Dun play? These questions and more may be answered in the next season.


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