CAST: Prem Parrijaa, Adah Sharma, Amit Sial, Vaibhav Tatwawadi, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Mukesh Chhabra and others

DIRECTOR: Vipul Amrutlal Shah

Vipul Amrutlal Shah’s “Commando” series arrives on the digital landscape as an attempt to breathe new life into the franchise that once graced the big screen. While the theatrical iterations might not have etched a lasting mark, the series had the potential to carve a unique niche in the digital realm. However, “Commando” as a series falls short of capitalizing on this opportunity and ends up feeling like a redundant extension.

Commando - Disney+ Hotstar

The series serves as a continuation of the action-packed franchise that originally featured Vidyut Jammwal as the charismatic lead. The focal point of praise from the films was undoubtedly Jammwal’s captivating presence, which managed to transcend the predictable narratives.

Unfortunately, the transition to long-format storytelling doesn’t manage to capture the same magnetic essence. The absence of Jammwal’s enigmatic energy leaves a noticeable void that is difficult to overlook.

The narrative of “Commando” follows a familiar trajectory – a covert mission gone awry in the hostile territory of Pakistan. The responsibility to rectify the situation falls on the shoulders of Commando Virat, portrayed by Prem Parrijaa. Virat’s journey is propelled by a mix of duty, patriotism, and a personal connection as his friend becomes ensnared in the enemy’s clutches. The backdrop of strained Indo-Pak relations adds a layer of tension, promising an exploration of redemption, sacrifice, and personal growth.

Adah Sharma and newcomer Prem Parrijaa on their web-series Commando

Regrettably, despite these potential thematic depths, the “Commando” series struggles to break free from the shackles of clichés. The narrative appears to tread a predictable path, relying on overused plot devices and character tropes that have become all too common in action dramas.

While the promise of redemption and grace hangs in the air, it often feels elusive amidst the routine action sequences that fail to evoke genuine excitement. Prem Parrijaa’s portrayal of Commando Virat, though earnest, lacks the magnetic presence required to carry the weight of the series.

Furthermore, the series fails to seize the digital medium’s advantages, where intricate character development and layered storytelling can flourish. “Commando” could have embraced this platform to delve deeper into the psyche of its characters, to explore the nuances of loyalty, nationalism, and the cost of one’s choices. Yet, it settles for a superficial exploration that hardly scratches the surface of its characters’ motivations.

“Commando” as a series leaves a lot to be desired. While the original films might not have been masterpieces, they at least held a certain charm, largely attributed to Vidyut Jammwal’s magnetic presence.

This charm, unfortunately, fails to translate to the digital canvas, resulting in a lackluster extension that struggles to break free from the constraints of its own genre. With its predictable narrative and underdeveloped characters, “Commando” doesn’t manage to rise above mediocrity, making it a series that doesn’t leave a lasting impact in the vast digital landscape.

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