CAST: Liu Haocun , Lin Yi , Huang Sheng Chi , Fan Shi Ran, Wanyan Luo Rong, Li Tian Nuo


“Derailment,” a Chinese drama adapted from a novel by the popular author Priest, has attracted considerable attention for its intriguing premise and execution. The series, directed by Shen Yang, features Liu Haocun as Jiang Xiao Yuan and Lin Yi as Qi Lian in the main roles, along with supporting actors like Huang Sheng Chi, Fan Shi Ran, Wanyan Luo Rong, and Li Tian Nuo.

Time Travel Romance Series "Derailment" Based on a Novel by Priest Stars  Liu Haocun and Lin Yi - DramaPanda

The story, set against the backdrop of parallel universes and time travel, focuses on Jiang Xiao Yuan, who finds her life dramatically altered when as a rich heiress she finds that a lot of people around her, including her boyfriend were defrauding her for her money. As her best friend and her boyfriend’s lover goes missing, she is asked by her father’s assistant to travel across a bridge to find the girl. While she is driving over the bridge, her car has an accident and she falls into the river only to wake up in a marsh the next day – in another city – and in a parallel world where she has traveled from 2025 to 2018. Though her name is the same -her family and her life is different from the one in 2025. And so is her love life. She meets the ex-boyfriend of Xiao Yuan from 2018 and sparks fly, leading her on a quest to uncover the truth behind her circumstances. This narrative arc promises a mix of romance and mystery, adding depth and complexity to the show.

Derailment”: Adaptação de livro de Priest ganha primeiro trailer e anuncia  protagonistas - ASIANBREAK

Liu Haocun, despite being relatively new to the Chinese drama scene, has been noted for her potential, especially after being handpicked by director Zhang Yimou for previous film roles. Lin Yi, on the other hand, has already established a fan base through his previous work and is expected to bring a solid performance to “Derailment.”

Overall, “Derailment” stands out for its unique premise and the high expectations stemming from its literary origin. While the show seems to have its strengths in its plot and thematic elements, as episodes stream; the intrigue of the story deepens.

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