CAST: Zhou Ye, Lin  Xi, Melody Tang, Jiang Yi Ming, Zhan Yu

DIRECTOR: Yu Chung Chung, Lee Ching Jung

In “Everyone Loves Me,” Yue Qian Ling exudes vivacity as an outgoing gamer nursing a crush on the charming and popular Gu Xun at her school. However, her hopes are dashed when she courageously confesses her feelings to him before graduation, only to face a harsh rejection.

Distraught, Yue Qian Ling finds solace in venting her frustrations while gaming and confiding in an anonymous online friend. Little does she know, her supportive confidant is none other than Gu Xun himself, secretly harboring feelings for her despite his real-life rejection.

This dynamic unfolds into a complex love triangle, blurring the lines between virtual and real-world emotions, as Yue Qian Ling navigates the complexities of unrequited love and unexpected connections.

The inaugural episode of “Everyone Loves Me” kicks off with the highly anticipated Walter Game Design Competition, where Gu Xun’s team exudes confidence in their game’s superiority. Among the testers is Yue Qian Ling, a skilled gamer known by her handle, @StickyDoughTwist, who effortlessly conquers Gu Xun’s creation.

As Gu Xun’s team emerges victorious, Qian Ling graciously celebrates their success. Upon learning of @StickyDoughTwist’s triumph, Gu Xun endeavors to discover the identity behind the alias, narrowly missing encountering Qian Ling. Despite the accolades, Gu Xun declines Walter’s reward, harboring aspirations to develop AAA games in collaboration with a Chinese company.

Meanwhile, Qian Ling, a designer at HC Games, decides to resign in favor of prioritizing her education. Despite the HR department’s efforts to persuade her to stay, tensions escalate when a developer from the 9th Business Unit abruptly quits. With personal funding from HC’s CEO aimed at pioneering next-generation AAA games, the stakes are high.

To Qian Ling’s surprise, the newly appointed leader of the 9th Business Unit is none other than Gu Xun, a fellow student at her university. Despite her attempts to engage him, Gu Xun remains aloof, exacerbating Qian Ling’s frustrations. Matters worsen when her resignation is processed before she can intervene.

Flashbacks to a pivotal moment two years prior reveal Qian Ling’s initial encounter with Gu Xun in a shooter game competition, where their competitive spirit sparks an instant connection marred by Gu Xun’s disdain for her tactics.

In the present, tensions mount as Gu Xun faces scrutiny from HC’s board regarding the viability of AAA game development. With only one game approved per pitch meeting, Gu Xun’s future at HC hangs in the balance, compounded by the formidable competition from senior colleague Jiang.

Qian Ling’s woes deepen when her long-standing arcade winning streak is broken by @WakeNaturally, with Gu Xun’s presence only adding to her distress. Despite her attempts to communicate with him, Gu Xun remains unresponsive, further fueling Qian Ling’s frustration.

As the episode unfolds, the intricacies of Gu Xun’s online relationship with @StickyDoughTwist are revealed, intertwined with his real-life interactions with Qian Ling. Their dynamic oscillates between playful banter and miscommunication, culminating in a poignant countdown to the inevitable end of their virtual romance as Gu Xun ventures into a new chapter, and Qian Ling bids farewell to HC Games.

With all the possible attempts that she makes to be this cute girl that Gu Xun may fall in love with, the series is extremely hilarious and endearing.

Streams on Youku and is adapted from the novel “Bie Dui Wo Dong Xin” by Qiao Yao.


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