CAST: Cai Wenjing, Elvis Han,  Geng Le, Bao Shang’en, Dai Yunfan, and Li Yuan.


In the bustling cityscape of Shanghai, Tang Ying, a budding lawyer, finds herself at the crossroads of professional challenge and personal turmoil.

At her law firm, her interactions with the earnest Xu Zi Quan have grown deeper, with him harboring a quiet affection for her. However, workplace dynamics turn sour as Tang Ying faces subtle oustings by her colleagues.

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As if navigating these treacherous professional waters wasn’t enough, her parents arrive in Shanghai with the intent of seeing her settled in marriage. Complicating matters further, Ma Qi Yuan, a wealthy and influential man, sets his sights on wooing Tang Ying.

Feeling cornered and seeking a respite from the mounting pressures, Tang Ying, with Xu Zi Quan’s covert encouragement, devises an unconventional solution: they will feign a romantic relationship in hopes of placating her parents and deterring Ma Qi Yuan. The stage is set for a game of hearts and intentions.

The story is a journey into the modern woman’s fight for autonomy in the backdrop of Shanghai’s bustling urban environment. The series throws its protagonist, Tang Ying, into a whirlwind of professional intrigue, family pressure, and the age-old tension between love and convenience.

Fake It Till You Make It (2023) - MyDramaList

Shanghai, with its gleaming skyscrapers and traditional alleys, serves not just as a backdrop, but almost as a character itself. The city’s duality mirrors Tang Ying’s own struggles between tradition and modernity.

The story masterfully weaves tales of ambition, deception, personal growth, and resilience.

The lead actors have done an exemplary job, delivering both subtle and grand emotional moments with finesse. Their portrayals make the characters multi-dimensional, believable, and relatable. The show boasts of high-quality cinematography, making the most of its locations and settings. The mise-en-scène, from intricate costume designs to the ambient background score, significantly enhances the viewing experience.

As episodes unfold, character arcs are well-defined. We see significant growth, redemption, and evolution, making viewers deeply invested in their stories.

Fake It Till You Make It (2023) - MyDramaList

While the show has many twists and turns, certain plot points seem formulaic and can be anticipated by seasoned TV drama enthusiasts. While the premise might feel familiar, the characters give life to the narrative. Tang Ying isn’t just another lawyer, but a symbol of every ambitious woman trapped between personal desires and societal expectations. Xu Zi Quan, with his quiet affection for Tang Ying, resonates with everyone who has ever loved silently from the shadows.

Beyond the main story arc, the series offers riveting subplots. The tension between Tang Ying’s colleagues, the mystery of why they want her out, and Ma Qi Yuan’s intentions all keep the viewer’s interest piqued.

The “fake relationship” trope, while popular, is also well-trodden territory. The series needs to ensure it provides fresh angles or risks feeling derivative. Ma Qi Yuan, the wealthy older man, runs the risk of being a one-dimensional antagonist. Delving deeper into his psyche would add layers to the narrative.

Balancing multiple storylines can be challenging, and at times the series might struggle with pacing, leaving some episodes feeling packed while others meander.



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