Duranga follows the story of Sammit and Ira. Ira begins investigating multiple murders by the suspected acomplice of a serial killer, and this leads her to discover some revelations about her husband’s twisted past.

Have you watched the original k-drama?

No, I haven’t watched it. And I didn’t want to. I was very conscious. I don’t want to watch it. I mean, it wasn’t such a big deal of a decision. I wanted to have my hand, you know, this is a thing like, you know, it is an adaptation of an already existing and a very popular show. How do you have a fresh perspective on it? And if I watch them, even if I’m, subconsciously it will influence me. So I decided I’m not going to watch it at all. I’m just going to take the text that’s given to me as the reality and I’m going to interpret that work on it and then perform the character to the best of my ability.

How do you prepare for such a role?

When I read the initial story, and I was introduced to the character, I was like, I don’t know how I’m going to approach this. But I would love to figure it out. And that’s what made it really interesting. And once I had some ideas, and then that became the building blocks for the illusion of the character of some ways that I could create them, then it became easy because then you know, things started to fall in place. And then you have the directors to guide you, you have the writers to guide you. You have your co actors who also like you know, consciously or unconsciously also add things to add more layers to, to my part, so all of those things happened.


“The story is actually a love story. It’s about two people. That’s how we approached it, that’s how I interpreted it and that’s how I would communicate it as well.”

How was it working with Drashti Dhami ?

Drashti She’s very sweet. She’s a huge TV star here. I wasn’t familiar with her work. But when I was introduced to her she was all smiles. She had a sparkle in her eye. She’s a happy person, you know, It was really nice to be around. There’s good energy which makes it really kind of nice to work with somebody who is a very positive person, I can be a bit of a pessimist. So it’s nice to have somebody opposite of you also to brighten your day up a little bit.

What do you want your viewers to go back with?

I would like them to be entertained!!!!!!! No, it’s meant to be. Yeah, it’s a thriller, thrillers are supposed to be fun, thrillers aren’t supposed to have be, you know, full of mysteries and you know, where you’re trying to decide for yourself? Like, what could be who’s this person? Could it be this? Could he have done that? Who’s that person? You know? And all of those things.

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