HIT: The Bloody Case, A Gore Mystery

Title: HIT: The Second Case

Cast: Adivi Sesh, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Komalee Prasad, Harsha Vardhan, Rao Ramesh

Director: Sailesh Kolanu

Synopsis: “HIT: The Second Case” is a crime film set in Andhra Pradesh and follows the story of Krishna Dev (Adivi Sesh), an SP in the Homicide Intervention Team (HIT) in Visakhapatnam. The film begins with the story of a man named Ram (Harsha Vardhan) and follows the investigation of a gruesome murder that occurs in the city. The film is divided into two parts and features a number of clues and red herrings for the protagonist to decipher. The film also explores the relationship between Krishna Dev and his colleague Varsha (Komalee Prasad) and between Krishna Dev and his girlfriend Aarya (Meenakshi Chaudhary). The film ultimately reveals the identity of the killer and teases the reveal of the lead character for the third film in the series. The film features strong performances from Adivi Sesh and supporting cast members such as Rao Ramesh, Tanikella Bharani, and Srinath Maganti, and boasts good music and cinematography. However, the film lacks surprise and serves more as a bridge between the first and third films in the series.

“HIT: The Second Case” is structured into two parts, with the first half focused on setup and the second half dedicated to resolution. Unfortunately, some of the more compelling aspects of the setup are revealed in the trailer, leading to a lack of surprise for the viewer. The film begins with the story of a character named Ram, who is involved in a domestic abuse case. The protagonist, Krishna Dev, shares a tumultuous relationship with his colleague Varsha, and faces challenges from DGP Nageswara Rao. Krishna Dev’s relationship with his girlfriend Aarya is also explored. The plot culminates in the revelation of the killer, although this revelation lacks impact.

My Thoughts:

One issue with “HIT: The Second Case” is that it serves more as a transitional film between the first and third installments in the series, rather than standing on its own. The reveal of the lead character for the third film is somewhat underwhelming and the film also includes key information about a character from the first film, Vikram Rudraraju. In addition, there is a subplot involving encounter killings that adds tension to the film. The acting in the film is generally strong, with Adivi Sesh delivering a solid performance as KD and good work from supporting cast members such as Rao Ramesh, Tanikella Bharani, and Srinath Maganti. The music and cinematography are also noteworthy, although the score is inconsistent. Editing and sound design are both effective. What this film does deliver is gore. If you are into graphic content such as this, then this film will not disappoint.

Ultimately I was waiting for a big moment to occur in this film or for the resolution part of the film that never delivered. Trilogies are always criticized for never having a great “Part 2” (unless you are the Hangover Trilogy) and it is apparent here why that is the case. The trailer of this movie had a lot of initial draw but it was soon found out that the movie does not get more intense than its trailer.

I won’t necessarily say that this movie is a pass, but it will 100% be another “Part 2” film. Look out for Part 3 and our review in the future!

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