CAST: Kim Ha-neul, Yeon Woo-jin, Jang Seung-jo, Jang Seung-jo

DIRECTOR: Lee Ho and Lee Hyun-kyung

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In “Nothing Uncovered,” an intrepid journalist is determined to unearth the truth, even if it pits her against formidable politicians and challenges the patriarchal dynamics at her workplace. As she navigates the treacherous waters of her career, her personal and professional worlds begin to intertwine, testing her commitment to journalistic integrity.

Kim Ha-neul stars as Seo Jeong-won, the fearless anchor and producer of the probing evening news program “Nothing Uncovered.” Alongside her reliable cameraman, Ju Yeong-seok (played by Kim Min-jae from “The Outlaws: No Way Out”), she chases leads to hidden locations, confronting individuals in the act of committing misdeeds, from bribery to domestic violence, catching them off-guard.

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Significantly, the Korean title for the fictional news show and the drama itself, as well as the web novel it’s adapted from, is “Grabbed by the Collar.” This title echoes throughout the series, particularly in moments when fans playfully request Jeong-won to mimic the action of grabbing them by the collar for photos. True to her professional ethos, she consistently declines these solicitations.

Jeong-won shares her life with Seol Woo-jae (played by Jang Seung-jo from “The Good Detective”), a renowned author and the future leader of the Mujin Group. Woo-jae is an affectionate spouse, offering unwavering support and making time for her despite the demanding nature of her job, which often leaves her with little time to reciprocate.

However, Jeong-won’s seemingly flawless work and home life begin to unravel unexpectedly one stormy evening, following a tip that leads her to a quiet residential area. There, she is horrified to see the body of a woman dangling from a shattered window, her blood staining the building’s exterior.

Sinopsis Nothing Uncovered, Kim Ha Neul Jadi Jurnalis Lagi

The situation grows more perplexing when the police identify the woman as the housekeeper for Mo Hyeong-taek (Yoon Je-moon), a legislator recently scrutinized on Jeong-won’s show, throwing her into a maze of shock and bewilderment.

Following this, Jeong-won receives a call from renowned celebrity Cha Eun-sae (Han Ji-eun), who lures her in with the promise of insider information. However, it’s a trap: upon meeting, Eun-sae asserts she is having an affair with Jeong-won’s husband and thrusts a sonogram of her pregnancy into Jeong-won’s hands, just as the reporter tries to leave in dismay.

Jeong-won’s unease deepens into alarm when yet another tip guides her to a grim discovery: the lifeless body of Eun-sae. This time, she opts not to wait for the police to arrive. Having just received word that she’s in the running for the prestigious 9pm anchor slot at her network, she realizes the importance of maintaining her reputation unblemished to secure this career-defining opportunity.

Jeong-won’s situation grows even more complicated when she discovers that the detective investigating the deaths is Kim Tae-heon (Yeon Woo-jin, “Daily Dose of Sunshine”), a figure from her past as her former boyfriend. Kim Ha-neul, previously celebrated for her roles in romantic classics like “Ditto,” “My Tutor Friend,” and “My Girlfriend Is an Agent,” achieved significant acclaim with her foray into the thriller genre with the successful film “Blind.”

Sinopsis Nothing Uncovered, Kisah Kim Ha-neul Hadapi Kasus Perselingkuhan

The series marks her triumphant return to the suspenseful world of Korean thrillers, enriched with an enticing layer of prime-time melodrama.

“Nothing Uncovered” weaves together a tapestry of corruption among journalists, politicians, and business moguls, intertwined with forbidden love and murder, offering a compelling, though somewhat familiar, mystery. Its nod to the traditional Korean thriller genre is partly due to the inclusion of seasoned actors in its cast, many of whom have been staples in similar narratives over the past decade and a half.

As Jeong-won delves into the contemporary crimes, the narrative also invites viewers to unravel past events. Her father, a journalist affectionately dubbed the “scoop hunter,” met a mysterious and premature end.

Jeong-won, having discovered his body, is still haunted by the unresolved nature of his death. Assisting her in navigating her unresolved emotions is her counselor, Yu Yoon-yeong (Han Chae-ah).

With Jeong-won uncovering two bodies – three, including her father’s in a flashback – “Nothing Uncovered” kicks off with a gripping first episode, packed with action and revelations. However, maintaining this intensity and pace of disclosures throughout its 16-episode arc seems like a daunting task.

The secrets entwining the show’s various enigmas seem poised to converge on Assemblyman Mo and Woo-jae’s father, Seol Pan-ho (Jung Woong-in), the company chairman, who holds a skeptical view of his daughter-in-law and her journalistic endeavors.

For Jeong-won and her former lover, detective Tae-heon, to leverage their expertise in uncovering truths, they must first navigate past their personal history. This collaboration is essential for them to excel in their professional roles and unravel the mysteries at hand.


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