CAST: Liu Tao, Qin Hai Lu,  Liu Yu Ning, Chai Bi Yun, Zhang Duo,


He Huan has confronted numerous trials, such as being left with significant debts by her absconding husband, enduring career setbacks, and caring for her seriously ill mother. Yet, bolstered by the support of her friends, He Huan demonstrates resilience and the determination to rebuild her life.

Empowered by her acumen and earnestness, He Huan tackles the dual pressures of her mother’s medical expenses and the relentless pursuit of creditors. Her perseverance, coupled with her genuine approach, facilitates her rapid rise from a hotline operator to a television show host. Consequently, she reclaims her life’s zenith, becoming a beacon of hope for herself.

Once she accomplishes her personal aspirations, He Huan and her team are determined to tap into the potential of revolutionizing traditional media. Supported by influencer Jiang Jun Hao, she surfs the wave of the era, becoming instrumental in the formation of an integrated media platform for TV stations. However, as her career path begins to stabilize, she is presented with a new emotional crossroad. The harsh reality of her husband’s callousness and indifference has molded He Huan into a self-sufficient woman. Simultaneously, her relationship with Jiang Jun Hao has evolved through various stages, culminating in a bond characterized by mutual respect and understanding.

The first episode aired on Youku, takes us into the “perfect” life of He Huan ( Liu Tao)  with her impeccable husband and beautiful, accomplished son. She is the quintessential power woman who balances work and home and has all the “perfect” things her life can bring.

As it is the tenth anniversary of her wedding, she invites all her husband and her friends and colleagues over to a surprise party that she has organized for her husband.

But her husband never turns up. Instead, she welcomes home, in front of all the guests Jiang Jun Hao ( Liu Yu Ning), who is apparently a friend of her husband’s that she did not know about. And the friend who her husband had borrowed millions from.

She discovers her husband had left with his passport, money and valuables – without a trace ( after having resigned from his job and paid two years of his old father’s assisted living fee).

As her friend comes to her assistance, she refuses to believe that her husband might have been cheating on her with another woman.

Coming to grapple with the situation, He Huan realizes that the disappearance of her husband was meticulously planned and executed. Her visits to his office reveal some things that leave her questioning her own knowledge of her husband. Then the other creditors hit her. Apparently, the husband had dropped OIUs around town like hot cakes and now these people were coming for her.

At the end of the first episode, Jun Hao saves her from a possible kidnapping by some “friends” of her husband.

We cannot wait to see what the rest of the show unfolds. As Liu Tao shows go, we always look forward to her portrayal of modern women who leave no crumbs.

A must watch on Youku

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