CAST: Chen Xing Xu ,  Zhang Ruo Nan , Chen Xiao Yun, Li Jun Xian, He Wen Jun, Li Dian Zun

DIRECTOR: Chen Mingzhang

In the Chinese drama, “My Boss” on Viki, a prestigious law firm’s founder and a novice attorney find themselves transitioning from professional partners to unexpected housemates!

Qian Heng (portrayed by Chen Xingxu), who established the Junheng Law Firm, finds himself returning to his modest, somewhat dilapidated early home due to persistent insomnia. However, he is shocked to discover that his landlord has doubled up on the lease, and his new roommate is none other than Cheng Yao (played by Zhang Ruonan), a fresh face at his firm.

Initially, Qian Heng hopes Cheng Yao will decide to leave voluntarily, but he soon finds out that she possesses the unexpected ability to alleviate his sleepless nights, leading to them sharing the same living space.

As they settle into their new living arrangement, it becomes evident that their lifestyles and work ethics are poles apart.

Qian Heng is a firm believer in the importance of legal procedures and principles over personal connections, whereas Cheng Yao is compassionate and values human relationships in her approach to law.

Qian Heng is not your nominal tsundere. He is practically a legal workbook with zero emotional attachment. He even gets video approvals of his actions using legal provisions with little thought toward safety or social decorum.

Cheng Yao is the opposite. She thinks after she does. Watcher of Idol Shows, messy, scatterbrained, and totally oblivious to the real world.

Between these two, the scenes are funny AF, where one is super logical and emotionless and the other is all over the place.

With 4 episodes out on Viki, it’s an interesting watch. At least we like Zhang Ruonan better than in Love is Panacea.



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