CAST: Kim So Hyun, Hwang Min Hyun, Seo Ji Hoon, Lee Si Woo

DIRECTOR: Noh Young Sub and Nam Sung Woo

“My Lovely Liar” is a South Korean drama that aired from July 31, 2023, to September 19, 2023, on tvN and is available for streaming on Viki. Directed by Noh Young Sub and Nam Sung Woo, and written by Seo Jung Eun, the series blends mystery, comedy, romance, and supernatural elements into a compelling narrative.

My Lovely Liar (2023) Korean Drama – KORB

The story revolves around Mok Sol Hee, a young woman with an extraordinary supernatural ability to “hear” other people’s lies. This unique power has left her jaded and distrustful of others, considering them morally bankrupt. Her life takes a turn when she meets Kim Do Ha, a successful music producer who becomes embroiled in a murder case.

Kim Do Ha hides next door to Mok Sol Hee, and she soon realizes that her superpower doesn’t work on him. Intrigued by this mystery man, she becomes drawn to him, but will she ever uncover the deepest secrets of his heart?

Sweet Photos of Kim So Hyun and Hwang Min Hyun Unveiled for 'My Lovely Liar' - ZAPZEE - Premier Korean Entertainment Magazine

“My Lovely Liar” is a refreshing take on the romantic comedy genre, with a supernatural twist that adds depth and intrigue to the plot. The concept of a lie-detecting protagonist is novel and executed with finesse, providing a unique perspective on human relationships and trust.

The chemistry between Kim So Hyun and Hwang Min Hyun is palpable, and their performances are both convincing and engaging. The supporting cast also adds flavor to the story, with well-rounded characters that contribute to the plot’s complexity.

The series successfully balances mystery, romance, and humor, creating a captivating narrative that keeps the audience invested. The supernatural element is woven seamlessly into the storyline, enhancing the plot without overshadowing the core themes of love and trust.

However, the series is not without its shortcomings. Some plotlines may feel rushed or underdeveloped, and certain characters could have benefited from more depth and exploration. The ending, while satisfying, may leave some questions unanswered.

“My Lovely Liar” is a delightful and intriguing series that offers a fresh perspective on romance and human connections. With strong performances, an engaging plot, and a unique supernatural twist, it’s a must-watch for fans of Korean dramas. The series has been rated 8.4/10 on MyDramaList, reflecting its popularity and positive reception.

While it may have minor flaws in character development and plot execution, the overall experience is enjoyable and memorable. If you’re looking for a romantic comedy with a twist, “My Lovely Liar” is worth adding to your watchlist.

You can watch “My Lovely Liar” on Viki.

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