CAST: Jang Dong-Yoon and NANA


“My Man is Cupid” is a fresh take in the Korean rom-com genre, gracing Amazon Prime Video with its premiere on December 1, 2023. It’s a delightful series starring the dynamic duo Jang Dong-Yoon and NANA, whose chemistry is nothing short of electric. Helmed by Nam Tae-Jin of “Switch – Change the World” fame and penned by Heo Sung-Hee of “One More Happy Ending,” the drama promises a unique blend of fantasy and romance.


The storyline spins a whimsical tale of a cupid-struck fairy, Cheon Sang-Hyeok (Jang Dong-Yoon), in his 28th earthly reincarnation as a Korean restaurant owner. Despite being centuries old and on a mission to mend his charred wings, he retains the elusive allure of Cupid, ironically making him distant to women. Opposite him is NANA’s Oh Baek-Lyeon, the stunning but love-cursed veterinarian, dubbed the “Seo Ye-Ji of Guji-dong” for her beauty. Her ill-fated love life has earned her the moniker of a “love repellent,” adding a twist to her otherwise enviable life.

The series sets high expectations as a character-driven narrative, weaving elements of fantasy into the romantic plot. However, its release on Amazon Prime Video with minimal promotion raises questions about its visibility and potential success. Despite the stellar cast and intriguing plot, the show’s quiet release might hinder its reach to a broader audience.

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Within the drama, the lives of Cheon Sang-Hyeok and Oh Baek-Lyeon intersect in curious ways, with mysterious pasts and the absence of a red thread of fate binding them. The narrative is further spiced up with elements of mystery and suspense, as it touches on darker themes involving missing persons and sinister happenings.

“My Man is Cupid” seems poised to be a heartwarming, engaging series for those who stumble upon it. With its captivating storyline, strong performances, and a blend of romance, fantasy, and mystery, it has all the ingredients for a memorable watch. Yet, one can’t help but wonder if its low-key release will allow this hidden gem to shine as brightly as it should. Only time will tell if it will soar to the heights of its potential or remain an underrated treasure in the vast world of K-dramas.

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