CAST: Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Ji-won, Na Young-hee, Jung Jin-young

DIRECTOR: Jang Young-woo , Kim Hee-won

The premiere episode of “Queen of Tears” sets the stage with an intriguing start, featuring our main characters Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in as they share glimpses of their tumultuous relationship through a documentary on famous personalities. Despite their efforts to recall their union fondly, the strain between them is palpable to even the interviewers, hinting at a love story on the brink of collapse. Their initial encounter unfolds at Queens group, where Hae-in, despite her chaebol heiress background, displays a naivety that nearly costs her job, while Hyun-woo, in an attempt to help, inadvertently leads her to misconstrue his intentions.

The narrative quickly escalates with Hyun-woo’s grand, albeit one-sided romantic gestures, juxtaposed with Hae-in’s obliviousness, culminating in his abrupt departure upon realizing her true identity. Yet, a dramatic twist sees Hae-in pursuing Hyun-woo, promising a future free of tears—a promise ironically contradicted by Hyun-woo’s subsequent emotional turmoil caused by his wife and in-laws.

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As the story progresses, we revisit the couple three years into their marriage, only to find their initial disparities deepened by time and circumstance. Hae-in, now the formidable president of Queens department store, and Hyun-woo, the group’s compassionate legal director, find themselves locked in a power struggle that spills over into their personal lives, highlighting the tension and resentment simmering beneath their interactions.

The narrative cleverly flips the traditional narrative by exploring the struggles of sons-in-law within the domineering Hong family, where Hyun-woo’s pleas for autonomy and respect are met with disdain and manipulation. His attempts to navigate this hostile environment lead to moments of vulnerability and humor, particularly when he seeks solace in alcohol and the company of his friend, bemoaning his plight and the whims of fate that entangled him with Hae-in.

Queen Of Tears

Amidst these trials, Hae-in’s sporadic displays of concern for Hyun-woo suggest a complex bond marred by communication failures and unmet expectations. The episode masterfully intertwines humor with heartfelt moments, as seen in Hyun-woo’s encounters with an understanding doctor and the revelation of Hae-in’s dire health prognosis, which brings their conflicted emotions to the forefront.

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“Queen of Tears” embarks on its journey with a compelling blend of comedy and drama, inviting viewers into the chaotic yet endearing world of the Hong family. The inversion of traditional tropes, alongside standout performances by Kim Ji-won and Kim Soo-hyun, sets a refreshing and engaging tone for the series. As the episode concludes with a poignant reflection on love and commitment, the show promises a rollercoaster of emotions and developments in the episodes to come.

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