CAST: Ok Taec Yeon, Won Ji An, Yoon So Hee, and Park Kang Hyun,

DIRECTOR: Lee Hyun-seok, Lee Min-soo

The narrative of the drama entwines around Seon Woo-hyul, a tormented being straddling the worlds of humans and vampires. He harbors a fervent desire to shed his vampire lineage and embrace humanity, but a twist of fate thwarts his quest. Alongside him is Joo In-hae, a woman who has braved a tumultuous life since her formative years. She takes on the role of a stern high-school nurse and also operates a guest house. Through a string of fortuitous occurrences, their paths converge as they begin cohabiting. This shared living experience becomes a crucible for change, nudging them towards rediscovering their humanity.

As for the cast, Ok Taec-yeon makes his return to the screen after his portrayal of Ryu Sung-joon in 2022’s “Blind”. Complementing him is Won Ji-an, who is fresh from her last performance as Ha Joon-kyung in 2022’s “If You Wish Upon Me”.

Episode 1 of Heartbeat sets into motion with a heart-pounding chase as Woo-hyeol and Hae-sun dart through the dense forest, pursued closely by a band of soldiers. Their breaths laboring and desperation mounting, the pair find themselves cornered as the soldiers close in. In a last-ditch effort, Woo-hyeol harnesses his mystical abilities to make a gravity-defying leap among the treetops. However, the soldiers are well-prepared with silver-tipped arrows, a foil for Woo-hyeol’s powers. As Woo-hyeol soars with Hae-sun cradled in his arms, an arrow loosed by the general punctures his skin, and they plummet earthwards.

Ok Taec-yeon loves being a sexy vampire in new K-drama Heartbeat | The  Straits Times

Hae-sun, tears streaming, beseeches Woo-hyeol to flee and leave her, but resolve hardens in him. Vengeance consumes him as he launches a ferocious counterassault against their assailants. His might is unparalleled, and he dispenses with the soldiers with lethal precision, as Hae-sun watches in a mixture of horror and awe. When the dust settles and the forest is painted in silence, they find solace in each other’s arms. However, the tranquility is shattered when a lone surviving soldier takes aim at Woo-hyeol. Time slows as Hae-sun sacrifices herself, intercepting the arrow meant for him.

Heartbeat' teaser: Won Ji-an is unimpressed by 2PM's Taecyeon

As the lifeblood ebbs away from Hae-sun, a primal thirst seizes Woo-hyeol and he yields to his vampiric instincts, sinking his fangs into her. Abruptly, he is jolted into the present, surrounded by his friends who are solemnly reciting his eulogy while he rests within a coffin. He bestows the house key to Butler Joo and then resumes his repose in the coffin, yearning for his long-sought humanity.

The audience is then guided through the enigmatic existence of vampires within the universe of Heartbeat. The vampires here are not ravenous creatures but rather, temperate in their blood consumption, which in turn prolongs their immortality. While the sun does not incinerate them, it intensifies their thirst, necessitating more frequent feeding. These ethereal beings possess the power of flight, but typically abstain to remain inconspicuous. Additionally, they are invisible to their own reflections but can be seen by human eyes, and appear to wield control over their surroundings.


A glimpse into yesteryears takes us to Shaded Oasis, a vibrant nightspot serving as a sanctuary for the nocturnal kind, where Woo-hyeol awaits someone amidst the frenzy of revelry. The dance of shadows and pulsating beats envelops him as he scans the crowd for a late arrival. Stepping outside, Woo-hyeol is aghast to see Ki-sook indulging in the forbidden act of feeding on a human. With a voice bearing the weight of centuries, Woo-hyeol sternly admonishes Ki-sook, forbidding him to tread down this perilous path again.

Interview: K-stars Taecyeon, Won Ji-an talk about Prime Video's vampire  rom-com 'HeartBeat'

Subsequently, Woo-hyeol finds himself adrift in introspection, the weight of eternity pressing down on him as he yearns for just a single day of true human existence. His gaze settles on a couple engaged in tender conversation, their eyes sparkling, their laughter mingling in the night air. He wonders what it would be like to be swept away in the tempest of love, where emotions cascade and heartbeats race in tandem. With a wistfulness that paints the night, he mourns the realization that such poignant human experiences elude him, for he has existed, but never truly lived.

The audience is then gracefully escorted through the intriguing tapestry of vampire existence in the world of Heartbeat. In this enthralling K-drama, vampires are not the insatiable bloodthirsty creatures of lore; moderation in their consumption is key, as restraining their bloodlust grants them longevity. Sunlight, though not lethal, stokes the fires of their thirst, necessitating more frequent nourishment. They are gifted with the ethereal ability to soar through the skies, yet they mostly remain earthbound, discreetly blending into the tapestry of human life. Mirrors fail to capture their reflections, leaving them faceless in the silvered glass, though they do not escape the gaze of mortal eyes. Enshrouded in mystery, they wield the power to bend the elements around them to their will.

With the first two episodes streaming on Prime Video, the series is different and all of Taec Yeon’s fans will love him in this new avatar. However, where the drama lacks is the quality of VFX, especially with the characters flying etc. Hope it gets fixed as the series proceeds.



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