As Adipurush hits the screens all over the world, Prabhas takes out time to talk about the movie and the effort behind the scenes

1. What according to you is the highlight of Adipurush as a film? How challenging was it to make this film?
The highlight of Adipurush as a film lies in its ability to bring to life a timeless epic tale in a visually stunning and culturally rich manner. The film captures the essence of the story that is deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness of people and presents it on a grand scale. Being a part of such a monumental production like Adipurush has been an extraordinary journey, filled with excitement and humility.
2. The VFX of the film has been much discussed. What are your thoughts on the visual appeal of the film?
I believe that the visual appeal of Adipurush is truly spectacular. The film’s visual effects have been meticulously crafted and seamlessly integrated to enhance the storytelling and create a mesmerizing cinematic experience. The attention to detail in the VFX work is evident, and it adds an immersive layer to the grandeur of the film.
3. Based on the Hindu epic Ramayana, what makes it so relevant and appealing to the audience today?
The idea behind Adipurush is not just to be a visual spectacle that will entertain; at its core, the idea has been to spread awareness about Indian history and culture amongst the younger generation. The virtues of Prabhu Shri Ram is something the youngsters of today need to know about, the rich Indian values brought out through this very storytelling need to be spoken of to this digital generation. To make them aware of the true longing for love, what loyalty and friendship stood for back then and can be even today is what we wanted to tell with Adipurush. 
4. As a pan-India star, Adipurush’s comparisons with Baahubali are evident for you as an actor. What would you say to those who will draw parallels between these two epic roles of yours?
Adipurush and Baahubali are distinct projects with different storylines, appeals, and approaches. Adipurush is a film that revolves around the epic tale of Ramayana, which is deeply rooted in Indian culture and religion. It is a story that we have grown up listening to, and there are numerous emotional and spiritual aspects attached to it. The film aims to portray the essence of the epic and bring it to life on the big screen.
5. Do you think spectacle-adventure films are perfect to draw the audience in at a time when the big screens are still limping back to normalcy?
I truly believe it’s the content that always draws the audience to the theatres! If you are telling a good story, the audience will surely come to watch it on the big screen. Not the actors or the movie, but content is the king. And after all, cinema is all about the great experience. Spectacle-adventure films have their own appeal, as they offer immersive visual experiences and thrilling narratives – especially Adipurush holds the potential to captivate viewers with its grandeur and epic storytelling. The film’s ability to bring the timeless tale of the epic saga to life on the big screen is a testament to the strength of its content of bringing people back to theatres!
6. You are known to be a big foodie. For an epic film like a Bahubali or Adipurush, where you have to look a certain way on the big screen, what changes do you undergo in your fitness and diet? When do you start the prep for the same?
I believe that physical transformation is an integral part of preparing for roles like Baahubali or Adipurush. When it comes to portraying characters who possess immense strength and stature, it requires a dedicated approach to fitness and diet. However for Adipurush, it was not just about the physical transformation but Raghav required a certain understanding and immersive mindset approach as the aim wasn’t just to deliver a physically convincing performance but also emotionally impactful, capturing the depth and nuances of the character’s journey.
7. What was it like to work with Kriti Sanon and Om Raut?
I cannot sum up the genius of Om Raut in a few words. I was stunned to see the clarity in his vision. I am thankful to Om as well as Bhushanji who instilled the confidence in me to play a mighty role like this. Kriti as a co-star was brilliant; the nuances of Janaki came very naturally to her. Off-screen too we shared a great camaraderie, she was very warm. She is a thorough professional and a brilliant actor. So our on-screen equation came in very easily.
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