CAST: Jing Bo Ran , Tan Song Yun


Synopsis Of Chinese Drama Road Home: A Love Story Of Childhood Friends

Investment director Gui Xiao and Explosive Ordnance Disposal police Lu Yan Chen were childhood sweethearts who fell in love while in middle school. Gui Xaio, could not deal with the pressure of her parents personalities, broken marriage and Lu Yan Chen’s absence while in the highly regarded Chinese Special Forces bomb squad on remote missions, and breaks up with him over phone.

Ten years later, they meet again in a remote snowy border town, Gui Xiao and her friend are stranded. In desperation, Gui Xiao dials Lu Yan Chen’s number.

Then starts the story of their reconciliation. The fact that they still feel the same about each other starts another chapter of getting to know each other.

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The series takes its own sweet time in going non-linear about the story with episodes of small incidents in the present of the couple being threaded back to their past in creating their character graphs.

As the couple overcome the hesitation of their families, friends and circumstances, the story finds them much more mature in dealing with the situations that they encounter, and the apparent absence of Lu Yan chen because of the pressures of his job in the service of the nation, and moving on together to an understanding of their long distance relationship.

The show is deliberately slow and makes up with the impeccable chemistry between the two leads.

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Jing Bo Ran looks unfashionable yet so handsome, the brood wears well on his personality and he delivers a very palpable Lu Yan Chen.

If you are looking for a slow burn, small details show that just matures as the characters do, this one is it.

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