CAST: Kim Yoo-jung, Song Kang,Kim Hae-sook, Lee Sang-yi, Heo Jung-do

DIRECTOR: Kim Jang-han, Kwon Da-som

“My Demon,” a Korean drama, makes a captivating entry into the realm of supernatural romance, blending intrigue and a corporate power struggle reminiscent of the show “Succession.” The first two episodes introduce us to an intriguing cast of characters, particularly the chaebol heiress Do Do-hee, played by Kim Yoo-jung, and a demon, Jung Gu-won, portrayed by Song Kang.

The series begins with an exploration of the evolving role of demons in human society, focusing on Gu-won, a demon whose name ironically means salvation. His character is immediately established as a powerful entity that deftly manipulates human fears to forge soul-binding contracts.

My Demon K-Drama Cast, Characters & Actors | The Direct

In a twist of fate, Gu-won’s path crosses with Do Do-hee, the likely successor to the Mirae Group, led by her adopted mother, Je Cheon-sook. Do-hee is portrayed as a character surrounded by adversaries, battling trust issues in a high-stakes corporate environment.

Their meeting, resulting from a mix-up at a blind date, reveals their similar traits of stubbornness and pride. This encounter, combined with a well-edited sequence that introduces a lighter, comedic aspect to the show, sets the stage for their evolving relationship.

As the story unfolds, Do-hee finds herself in a dangerous situation, leading to a desperate encounter with Gu-won, who sees an opportunity for a soul-binding contract. However, an unexpected event causes a transfer of power from Gu-won to Do-hee, dramatically altering the dynamics of their relationship.

New Kdrama series “My Demon” | SBS also released photo stills, in which Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung's chemistry looks intense. : r/kdramas

Episode 2 delves into the newfound powerlessness of Gu-won and the comedic elements arising from this situation, showcasing a different side of Song Kang’s acting abilities. Meanwhile, Do-hee confronts family secrets and corporate intrigue, with the narrative hinting at a deeper mystery involving her adopted mother and a dangerous, mysterious assailant.

The episodes set up a compelling narrative, balancing comedic moments with a sense of mystery and suspense. Song Kang’s performance as Gu-won stands out, offering a departure from his usual roles and adding depth to the character. The show promises strong storytelling, provided it maintains focus and avoids becoming mired in too many subplots.

“My Demon” is available for streaming on Netflix, with new episodes released weekly, promising an engaging blend of humor, romance, and suspense.

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