CAST: Wang Zi Wen , Jin Han , Jill Hsu , Liu Chao

DIRECTOR: Zhang Feng

Meng Hao Tian is a very ambitious, hardworking woman trying to get her small company to take off.  She takes many sidelines anyway and anywhere she can.

During a wedding, she met Leng Si Ming, a young guy who was interested in her at first sight when she played bridesmaid for the 36th time.

Leng Si Ming is a CTO at a mobile service provider called Lizhing. The top boss at Lizhing and Siming’s boss is Haotain’s ex-boyfriend Yuan Wenbin. While the story of how they split is not clear yet but Wenbin still harbors emotions about Haotain.

As Siming tries to get to know Haotai, she is condescendingly dismissive of him as a love interest because – as many of us ladies today – we feel relationships suck.


Sweet and Cold China Drama

With over seven episodes already streaming on Viki, this show definitely hooks your attention right at Episode One. Jin Han’s Siming is cute, uncomplicated, and sincere, and Wang Ziwen’s Haotain is calm, assertive, and a modern, no-nonsense woman who definitely solves situations differently than your average female drama lead.

To pursue her, Siming moves into Haotain’s neighborhood with his sister in tow, and then the relationship between the two moves beyond just initial flirting.

Sweet And Cold Chinese Drama


Siming helping Haotain with her business issues is extremely modernly depicted. He never solves the issues for her. She is capable and does all of it herself; he appears on the periphery, ensuring she is safe and sorted.  That is perhaps the beauty of this script.

She does not seem to want a man to sort her life out. And Siming has no problems with not controlling her life, ambition, or outcomes. He is happy; as long as she is happy. No knight in shining armor required for our female lead here. And she is older than the male lead – making this

The music ( the theme song) is dope and the actors chemistry is out of the parrk

Watch on Viki ( episodes are a week late) or on the Youku App.


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