CAST: Divyenndu , Rajpal Yadav and Gajraj Rao

DIRECTOR: Mangesh Hadawale

Ujjain resident, Atmaram might be a sexagenarian in pursuit of at least one sexual experience before he turns 70 but he does not want anyone to judge the reason for his virginity. As his family prepares for his grand birthday celebration, they unearth a secret about his escapades in Thailand.

Through Aatmaram Dubey (Gajraj Rao), the movie tries to highlight that people are allowed to be sexually active irrespective of their age.

The highly-regarded septuagenarian loses his wife after devoting his life to her for 22 years as she battles paralysis. Lonely and disheartened , he then realises he may have erectile dysfunction (ED). A young stranger, Santulan (Divyendu) then takes Atmaram to Bangkok.

The movie takes great pains to establish the nobility of Atmaram and for some reason keeps highlighting that he’s a principled man. While doing that, the film also portrays our tendency to equate respectability and abstinence.

Director Mangesh Hadawle captures the essence of a sleepy town, Ujjain, and its residents’ mental disposition skillfully, however, is not able to craft the pace of the storytelling in a compelling manner.

At more than 122 minutes, the story becomes boring, unnecessarily sluggish and is unable to keep audience attention.

There are a few funny sequences. Aatmaram’s neighbour catches him watching a porn film as he doesn’t know how to turn the computer off, and his young grandson is blamed for it. His flight journey to Bangkok and the exchange with his co-passenger is also funny.

Gajraj show once again impresses with his finessed performance in the comic and emotional scenes. Divyendu does a good job, too, but his character is underdeveloped. 

Rajpal Yadav makes a cameo appearance, which is intended to be hilarious, but it falls flat and does not take the story forward in any manner.

Thai Massage has some poignant moments but on the whole just underwhelms.

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