CAST: Baek Jin-heeAhn Jae-hyunCha Joo-youngJung Eui-jaeKang Bu-jaHong Yo-seob

DIRECTOR: Han Joon-seo

In “The Real Has Come!”, from the outset, the storyline establishes that the e-learning instructor Yeon-doo, portrayed by Baek Jin-hee, and Tae-kyeong, a gynecologist brought to life by Ahn Jae-hyun, are inevitably destined to forge a contract marriage in response to her unexpected pregnancy. The reasons behind this unconventional decision remain shrouded in mystery at the conclusion of the inaugural episode. Interestingly, the initial plot twists are not centered around the duo, but primarily concern the intricacies and dilemmas involving their current partners.

Se-jin, enacted by Cha Joo-young, is obsessed with Tae-kyeong, who is averse to her, and his bizarre aversion to marrying her is conspicuous. At first glance, Tae-kyeong’s demeanor seems solely obnoxious, but as the story unfolds, his reluctance gains a legitimate foundation.

His extended family is depicted as dysfunctional, and despite his attempts to distance himself, Se-jin’s deep entanglement in the family business implies that marrying her would inevitably pull him back into the chaos. The couple appears to be in a state of denial, unwilling to acknowledge the stark reality that their differing positions are irreconcilable.

The Real Has Come!” Cast Gathers To Celebrate Baek Jin Hee's Surprise Baby  In Group Poster | Soompi

Joon-ha, portrayed by Jung Eui-jae, was in a romantic relationship with Yeon-doo. His dilemma does not stem from commitment issues, but rather from his misguided endeavors to commit to the wrong individual. Spoiler alert – Se-jin is the clandestine love interest.

Central to the storyline is Se-jin’s inner turmoil, as she is caught between her personal aspirations and her romantic yearnings, and this conflict is the driving force of the plot. Se-jin craves two incompatible things. Joon-ha’s heart is set on Se-jin. Yeon-doo longs for Joon-ha. Tae-kyeong, on the other hand, yearns for solitude and peace and as the story progresses he falls for Yeon-doo.

The Real Deal Has Come!' Gives First Glimpse into Ahn Jae Hyun and Baek Jin  Hee Together - ZAPZEE - Premier Korean Entertainment Magazine

Tae-kyeong’s reclusive persona in the drama resonates well with Ahn Jae-hyun, who has recently seen a decline in his public appeal due to the mishandling of his divorce with Ku Hye-sun. Interestingly, his portrayal in “The Real Has Come!” doesn’t deviate much from his role in his previous drama “Love With Flaws”, but “The Real Has Come!” seems to be a more fitting canvas for Ahn Jae-hyun’s talents. The ensemble format of the show alleviates the burden on Ahn Jae-hyun to be the sole anchor, which suits him given his restrained on-screen magnetism.

5 Fakta Drakor The Real Deal Has Come! Ahn Jae Hyun Comeback

What makes “The Real Has Come!” intriguing is principally the labyrinthine storyline, as opposed to any singular performance, although it’s worth noting that the acting is by no means subpar. Characters Se-jin and Joon-ha, despite being involved in infidelity, are portrayed in a way that surprisingly evokes sympathy from the audience.

The show has streamed 24 episodes so far and the relationship between the two leads has progressed to love. The families do not know that the kid is not Tae-kyeong’s and they are kinda all getting along. Se-jin has not given up and now is in cahoots with Joon-ha to bring Tae-kyeong down.

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