Director – Uraaz Bahl, Shaana Levy

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The documentary series on Netflix, spanning four episodes, delves into the Sheena Bora case, casting a critical eye on themes of greed and fidelity while challenging entrenched beliefs about the sanctity of family.

Accused of the murder is Indrani, who was initially believed to be Sheena’s sister but was later disclosed to be her mother. Sheena’s disappearance remained a mystery for three years until charges were brought against Indrani, alongside her driver, her second former husband, and her then-husband Peter Mukerjea.

Netflix's Indrani Mukerjea Series Defies Legal Odds: Unveiling The Buried  Truth

The case captured the public’s imagination not just for its scandalous elements but also because Indrani and Peter were prominent figures in the media industry, having secured substantial funding for their latest venture and frequently mingling with celebrities and political figures.

Diverging from the typical true-crime narrative that obsesses over investigatory minutiae, “Buried Truth” understands its role is not to unravel a murder mystery but to explore deeper themes of avarice and fidelity, challenging the revered notion of family in our society. Through three episodes, the series recounts the events leading up to the revelation of deep-seated secrets following Sheena’s disappearance in 2012 and Indrani’s arrest in 2015. The narrative crescendos to a pivotal twist, prompting viewers to reevaluate their understanding of morality.

Vidhie, Indrani’s daughter, emerges as a beacon of sanity amidst the turmoil. Over the course of nearly two hours, she stands out for her sharpness, perceptiveness, and self-awareness, contrasting with her half-brother Mikhail’s revealed selfishness and the unfortunate Peter. Vidhie, often describing the saga as ‘f**cked up,’ appears to be the sole family member genuinely affected by Sheena’s tragic fate.

Indrani appears indifferent throughout the documentary, despite being a central figure and the only accused to have agreed to participate, offering her perspective liberally. Unlike other shows that might have overlooked inconsistencies, “Buried Truth” actively juxtaposes her narratives with established facts, even showcasing her odd behavior through off-camera remarks. In a notable instance, she disrupts her lawyer’s on-camera briefing, prompting him to ask her to relax, his expression betraying a preference for incarceration over further dealings with her.

Netflix to halt docu-series release on Indrani Mukerjea's case till Feb 29  after CBI moves court - Entertainment News

Vidhie, on the contrary, aligns herself with her adoptive father, Peter, following Indrani’s incarceration. She comments insightfully on the influence of money, openly discussing her half-siblings, Mikhail and Rahul. This backdrop lends the documentary’s climax an added layer of irony. The filmmakers, without overtly condemning anyone, craft a telling sequence about Indrani divorcing Peter, gaining a substantial settlement, and regaining a measure of her former influence.

While the documentary stops short of critiquing her mothering directly, it’s hard to muster sympathy for Indrani, whose guilt in Sheena’s demise remains unproven. She confesses to neglecting Sheena during her childhood without remorse, questioning why she should feel guilty for her daughter. She even accuses Sheena of causing her undue trouble by vanishing, now claiming Sheena is alive and well, a stance that adds another layer of complexity to her character portrayal.

A young woman tragically lost her life, yet her manipulative relatives exploited her demise to wage vendettas, amass power, and, in the process, reveal the darkest depths of human nature. Remarkably, the show maintains its focus on the real tragedy, even while delving into the most sensational elements of the narrative for viewer engagement.

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