CAST: Wang Yibo, Wang YAng, Li Qin, Zhang Tian Yang, Gao Lu, Yang Kun, Lan Xi Ya,  Liu Ting Zuo and Zhu Tie.

DIRECTOR:  Yao Xiao Feng

“War of Faith” is an enthralling Chinese drama that transports viewers to China in the 20th century, blending elements of tension, espionage, political contention, and dynamic action. Set against the bustling backdrop of 1930s Shanghai, a beacon of modernity in the Republic of China, the story unfolds as the city’s economic influence begins to permeate the nation.

War of Faith Ep 1 Recap & Spoilers: Wang Yibo Works as Accountant Under  Gangsters

Enter Wei Ruolai, a humble employee at the Kuomintang Central Bank, whose exceptional knack for numbers and strategic acumen earns him the mentorship of advisor Shen Tunan. However, as Wei Ruolai navigates the murky waters of the bank’s unethical influence, his path crosses with that of the insurgent, Shen Jinzhen. Caught in a moral dilemma, Wei must choose between aiding the bank’s unscrupulous domination or taking a stand to dismantle its control over the country.

“War of Faith” kicks off by introducing us to Wei Ruolai, a youngster from a destitute village, carving out a living in Shanghai by offering his numerical expertise to local mobsters like Mr. Qian. Renowned for his acumen, he also assists neighbors like Ms. Zhou with investment advice, notably predicting a spike in Imperial Bank’s stock values.

Spy drama "War of Faith" starring Wang Yibo, Li Qin, and Wang Yang releases  new stills : r/CDrama

Simultaneously, Shen Tunan, a top strategist for the Central Bank, makes his way into the city. Amidst their efforts to consolidate government control over private financial institutions, an act of defiance leads to an explosive retaliation against them. In a swift countermove, Shen orders the liquidation of their holdings in Imperial Bank, causing its stock to plummet. Wei Ruolai’s attempt to save Zhou from financial ruin by advising her to sell her stocks is tragically delayed, resulting in a significant loss of her savings.

The narrative then shifts to the streets of Shanghai, where an ambush unfolds during a prisoner transport by the Shanghai Garrison, orchestrated by a woman and her allies. This is revealed to be a strategic trap by Captain Lin, aimed at capturing the insurgent, Shen Jinzhen, a committed member of the Communist Party. Despite an intense confrontation, Jinzhen escapes, albeit wounded.

In an unexpected encounter, Jinzhen finds refuge in Ruolai’s rickshaw, feigning to be his partner to evade capture. Ruolai, realizing her injury and the danger they face, manages to get them past Lin, thanks to a timely intervention and a bit of influence from Qian. Despite Jinzhen’s attempt to connect, Ruolai keeps his distance, emphasizing their paths won’t cross again after this precarious moment.

Spy drama "War of Faith" starring Wang Yibo, Li Qin, and Wang Yang releases  new stills : r/CDrama

The plot thickens with Mr. Song’s intentions for Shen to spearhead the financial unification under the Central Bank’s aegis, bringing cooperative private banks into the fold. Meanwhile, the Communist Party’s local head, Xu Nuo, tends to Jinzhen’s injuries, uncovering a betrayal within their ranks and commanding a temporary retreat.

As the episode deepens, Ruolai grapples with his grim prospects, ostracized for his background and now jobless. An old mentor suggests seeking Shen’s aid, who is known for his indifference to one’s past. Preparing for an opportunity at the Central Bank, Ruolai faces stiff competition and a grueling selection process, culminating in a fiery crisis during their exam—a test of resolve where Ruolai alone stands his ground, aiming to complete his task amidst the chaos.

The first ten episodes are out on Iqiyi and weave a thrilling, deliberate story about Chinese political landscape in the 1920’s and the forces of communism as they grew.

Not to be missed series.

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