CAST: Jun Jong-seo , Moon Sang-min, Kim Do-hwan, Bae Yoon-Kyoung, Kwon Hae-Hyo

DIRECTOR: Kwon Young-Il

Lee Do-Han, one of the heir of the wealthy LJ Group is being pressured by his grandfather to buckle up for the succession drama. But he has reasons safely lodged in his closet that not only make him unhappy at this prospect but also uncomfortable lest his secret is exposed.

Enter his best friend from school; Na A-Jeong, who seems to him as the perfect candidate to help him out of his situation. Not only does A-Jeong know and understand his situation, but she is also a failed actress who has played everything from a zombie, a plague victim, a schoolgirl, and an office worker in his not-so-exemplary career. Playing ” the grand- daughter-in-law” to a chaebol’s family may just be the role of a lifetime for her.

Wedding Impossible (TV Series 2024– ) - IMDb

One thing that might get in her way, though, is her temper and her low tolerance for injustice. And she sure can land a few punches.

The idea of a sham marriage with Ah-jeong presents itself as beneficial for all involved, but Moon Sang-min’s character, Ji-han, Do-han’s younger brother, vehemently opposes it.

He harbors a strong aversion towards Ah-jeong, advising his elder brother to consider tying the knot with the affluent Yoon Chae-Won, portrayed by Bae Yoon-Kyoung, instead.

So Ji-han starts nosing his way into his brother’s business and tries all possible tropes to make A-Jeong go away – including a very dramatic envelope full of money.

Wedding Impossible stills tease whether Jeon Jong-seo can successfully get  married to Kim Do-wan | Filmfare.com

The question lingers: will Ji-han’s initial repulsion towards Ah-jeong transform into affection? “Wedding Impossible” indulges in numerous clichés, yet it’s its playful execution that adds to its charm.

The narrative navigates the classic conflict of a less affluent woman clashing with a wealthy family, the strategic use of a contractual marriage to fulfill certain criteria, and the evolution from disdain to love.

The creators of “Wedding Impossible” cleverly satirize these familiar conventions. Adding to the amusement are instances where the cast alludes to typical drama scenarios, such as Ah-jeong’s quip to Ji-han about the lack of a clichéd cash-filled envelope to persuade her to leave his brother, mimicking a common drama trope.

Moon Sang Min And Jeon Jong Seo Are Dangerously Falling For Each Other In “Wedding Impossible”

The allure of this rom-com is further heightened by the enigmatic backstories of the characters. The family’s penchant for secrecy extends to the antagonistic siblings, eager to dominate the family empire.

Loving it so far.  It is based on a webtoon of the same title written by Song Jung-won and illustrated by Lee Chung. Streams every Monday and Tuesday on Viki.


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