CAST: Xu Kai, Yang Zi, He Saifei , Xu Lingyue


It is frustrating to see how Yang Zi’s Mai Cheng Huan conforms to her mother’s wishes, which is against all logic. Her mother is irritating to the extent that you will feel like ffwing all the scenes she pops up in only that those scenes may be critical to the character development of Mai Cheng Huan.

She is a hotel sales executive who works in the Botticelli Hotel. Honest and diligent as they come.

Enter Xu Kai’s Eric Yao or Yao Zhiming, who has taken over the management of the same hotel with the intent of eliminating inefficiencies in the establishment’s operations, including useless people.

He is sharp and suave. He is also the real grandson of Mai Cheng Huan’s step-grandmother.

He gets to know his relationship with Mai Cheng Huan earlier than she does.

Cheng Huan has been dating a rich heir, Xin Jia Liang, for three years, but he has been lying to her about his family and identity at the behest of his parents. She is angry at being lied to but reconciles with him under pressure from her greedy mother, who suddenly finds him suitable the moment she learns about his family.

Xin Jia Liang’s family owns the Desheng Design company, which is also a huge supplier to Botticelli Hotel. As they learn about Mai Cheng Huan’s relationship with Yao Zhiming, they try to use the bait of marriage between Cheng Huan and Jai Liang to get approved for the deal, using Cheng Huan’s mother as a negotiator.

Between Cheng Huan’s journey to finding what she really wants and Zhiming’s mysterious back story- how will their relationship work- professionally and personally?

The first four episodes of this drama are streaming on Tencent Video at the time of writing of the review. They are well woven and breezy with never a dull moment.

The chemistry between Yang Zi and Xu Kai is brewing but not spilling yet but you can see the potential of fireworks as they get to know each other.

A fun daily watch for sure.




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