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Lin Yu Jing found herself visiting her estranged father, whom she hadn’t laid eyes on for a span of two years due to her parent’s divorce.

However, her father didn’t exactly extend a warm welcome. During the car ride from the airport, he proceeded to lay down a set of rules on how she should interact with her stepmother. Although Lin Yu Jing reluctantly agreed, believing she could endure it for the brief two-day visit, the situation proved more complex.

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Despite her stepmother’s well-meaning efforts, her father had failed to inform her of Lin Yu Jing’s seafood allergy. Thus, when faced with a plate of inebriated prawns intended to be consumed while still squirming, Lin Yu Jing excused herself from the table and retreated to her room.

Her father followed, intent on reprimanding her for her perceived disrespect. In an unfortunate turn of events, he accidentally grasped her arm, inadvertently snapping the silver bracelet that held sentimental value—a gift from her mother.

The following morning, Lin Yu Jing embarked on a quest to locate a repair shop for her broken bracelet. After a convoluted journey, she found herself at Shen Juan’s establishment—an establishment managed by a group of young individuals seemingly entangled in the world of gang confrontations.

Contrary to feeling apprehensive, Lin Yu Jing found herself infatuated with the striking Shen Juan.

In any case, her urgent return was prompted by a call concerning her mother. The reason for her hasty departure was revealed when her father presented her with legal documents indicating his guardianship and her enrollment at a new school. He emphasized that this decision was solely her mother’s and not his.

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The weight of the situation left Lin Yu Jing deeply disheartened. Her inability to easily reach her mother only added to her distress. When she finally managed to connect with her, her mother explained that this upheaval was for Lin Yu Jing’s own well-being.

Eventually, Lin Yu Jing attended her new school, where she discovered that Shen Juan was her fellow classmate. Opting to sit next to him, she chose to be his desk partner.

The other students eyed her with a mix of curiosity and uncertainty. They found it challenging to determine whether Lin Yu Jing’s actions were rooted in courage or naivety. After all, Shen Juan was renowned as the school’s troublemaker.

Lin Yu Jing encountered her somewhat distant stepbrother, who maintained an aloof demeanor. Due to her father and stepmother embarking on a business trip, he assumed the role of her interim guardian.

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Despite being her stepbrother, he displayed a rather indifferent attitude towards her, leaving Lin Yu Jing feeling profoundly isolated. However, in the midst of her loneliness, she crossed paths with Shen Juan. He extended an invitation to join him and his friends for a shared hot pot experience at his shop.

During this gathering, she learned that Shen Juan was grappling with a predicament concerning the shop’s rent. A surge in the rental cost had presented him with financial difficulties.

Lin Yu Jing solidifies her position as a genuine friend to the trio of boys: Lin Yu Jing, Wang Yi Yang, and He Song Nan.

Together, they brainstormed ways to generate some extra income. Leveraging the capabilities of the internet, they embarked on money-making ventures. While their efforts bring in some earnings, they also managed to attract the scrutiny of their homeroom teacher. This educator issued a warning, emphasizing that if they didn’t redirect their focus toward their studies, he would be compelled to inform their parents about their endeavors.

Ling Yu Jing was eager to attain independence, and when she got wind of a potential scholarship opportunity, her thoughts gravitated toward it.

To make headway, she began tutoring both Wang Yi Yang and Shen Juan. Her patience was tested, however, when she observed Shen Juan complete his physics exam at an unexpectedly rapid pace, only to spend the remaining time napping. The situation irked her, as she perceived it as him not valuing the exam and it left her quite frustrated with him.

Sinopsis Drama China You Are My Desire (2023), Segera Rilis! Diperankan Oleh Zhou Yi Ran dan

If you are a fan of coming-of-age stories, “You Are Desire” is serene, calm, and warm all at the same time. The series is shot in beautiful Sanya and both the actors and the cinematography reflect the paced series well.

It’s our guilty pleasure to watch some amazing performances. In contrast to typical cheerful high school dramas, this series introduces a refreshing storyline that delves deeply into the family challenges faced by both the female and male leads during their time in high school. The male and female leads discover mutual comfort and solace within each other’s company. They shared a profound understanding of each other’s emotional burdens. Both protagonists tackle their challenges with a maturity akin to that of regular adults, in stark contrast to the adults—primarily the female lead’s parents—who exhibited behavior more characteristic of self-centered children.

Addressing the performances, while not lacking in quality, it’s noteworthy that this marks the second occasion where the male lead embodies a character type characterized by despondency, detachment, reticence, and indifference.

The screenwriter skillfully portrays the female lead’s persona as composed and sophisticated, with a touch of mischievousness and intelligence. This portrayal stands in contrast to the general depiction of female characters in high school or adult dramas, where they often fall into clichés of being quirky, unintelligent, careless, clumsy, overly talkative, or perpetually in need of rescue. Additionally, the intelligent female character archetype tends to be cast as either beautiful, a villainess, or a negative stereotype.

This portrayal of a smart and poised female lead in a high school drama is something we have long anticipated, much like Zhao Lusi’s character in “Who Rules the World.”

In keeping with the recent trend in high school and romantic dramas, this series also avoids unnecessarily prolonging the resolution of its storyline conflicts. With the exception of Shen Juan’s uncle’s situation, the drama adeptly addresses its issues swiftly, thereby fortifying the development of both lead characters and their relationship.

Up until episode 13, certain obstacles remain unaddressed. Notably, the overbearing nature of Yu Jing’s mother led to her being forcibly brought back to their hometown, necessitating another school change. Her cell phone was confiscated, severing her communication ties with her prior friends. It’s a rather peculiar situation, given her intelligence. One might wonder why she didn’t simply borrow a classmate’s or friend’s phone to reconnect with her old contacts. Instead, she used the school’s security phone located at the gate, coincidentally just as her mother arrived. While this might underline the reason for her communication loss and highlight her mother’s domineering behavior, considering Yu Jing’s intelligence and the narrative’s progression, the inconsistency becomes glaring.

Another unresolved matter involves the enigmatic individual whom Shen Juan nearly confronted a few episodes earlier—a character potentially connected to the uncle in a coma.

This is purely speculative. Following Yu Jing’s departure without directly informing him, Shen Juan’s life takes another unfortunate turn. His father returns from abroad, requesting his signature to authorize the removal of life support for the uncle. Despite exhaustive medical efforts, no improvement is evident. Grappling with the absence of Yu Jing and burdened by the life support decision, Shen Juan discovers a letter amidst his books—a missive left by Yu Jing on the day she bid farewell in class. This letter serves as solace, eventually prompting Shen Juan to make the difficult choice to terminate life support. As Shen Juan reconciles with his father before the latter resumes work abroad, it brings a degree of closure to their strained relationship.

By episode 13, a significant development unfolds as Yu Jing successfully graduates. Her determination to uphold the promise she made to Shen Juan —to attend the same university—propels her to overcome formidable obstacles. Engaging in an arduous struggle with her mother, she eventually secures her desired university admission. This achievement leads her to reunite with Shen Juan, but an air of unease prevails due to her abrupt departure without a proper farewell.

And for all your desis, don’t miss Yu Jing and Shen Juan first movie date watching Salman Khan bollywood dancing on the screen. ( Shen Juan squeals out – Whats wrong with this man!)  That was too funny.

As the story progresses, we are eagerly looking forward to witnessing how this drama will navigate the evolution of Shen Juan and Yu Jing relationship, shifting from being “special” friends to becoming romantic partners.

Yummy series.

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