~ HanuMan had its digital premiere on 17th March and is now available in Telugu exclusively on ZEE5 Global ~


~ Directed by Prasanth Varma, HanuMan  stars Teja Sajja , Amritha Aiyer in the lead roles. It is produced by Niranjan Reddy under PrimeShow Entertainment banner ~

Global, 18th March , 2024: ZEE5 Global, the world’s largest streaming platform for South Asian content, is thrilled to present the digital premiere of larger-than-life, Super-hero film, ‘HanuMan’. Directed by Prasanth Varma, the movie stars Teja Sajja as the titular character Hanumanthu and Vinay Rai as Michael. It has been produced by Niranjan Reddy under PrimeShow Entertainment banner.  


‘HanuMan’ transports viewers to the imaginary village of Anjanadri, where Hanumanthu gets the powers of Hanuman and fights for Anjanadri. Following its successful theatrical run, the film garnered widespread acclaim for its seamless integration of mythological nuances. Initially known to be a low-key movie, ‘HanuMan’ impressed audiences with its brilliant special effects, VFX, and grandiose setting despite its modest budget. This low-budget but high-impact film has surpassed expectations, garnering rave reviews and amassing a staggering box office collection of over 3 Million USD. ‘HanuMan’ is now available in Telugu exclusively on ZEE5 Global with English subtitles for non-Telugu speaking audience to enjoy the original language experience because Asli bhasha mein asli mazaa hai.


 In ‘HanuMan,’ viewers are taken on a journey to Anjanadri, where the protagonist, Hanumanthu (Teja Sajja), discovers he has acquired supernatural abilities akin to those of the mythological figure Hanuman. As Hanumanthu grapples with his newfound powers, Michael (Vinay Rai), fueled by envy and ambition, becomes determined to possess the same abilities at any cost. The storyline weaves together elements of fantasy and drama as HanuMan and Michael clash in a battle for supremacy over Anjanadri. As the fate of Anjanadri hangs in the balance, audiences will be on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the ultimate showdown between these two formidable forces.


Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer at ZEE5 Global said, “ZEE5 Global champions stories that are rooted in South Asia’s rich culture and heritage. Our diverse library is reflective of this ethos, and we are proud to build it further with the addition of Telugu blockbuster, HanuMan. With Telugu content being highly consumed by audiences worldwide, this addition enhances our commitment to catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of our viewers. After a stellar theatrical run, the movie with its outstanding cast, storyline mixing mythology and contemporary elements, and critically acclaimed production, is set to delight our global viewers.”

Ahead of the film’s digital premiere, director Prasanth Varma mentioned, “HanuMan is very culturally rooted and unlike any other superhero film the audience would’ve seen. It’s in an Indian storytelling template and has songs, emotions, and everything that audiences across the country connect with. I am thrilled to announce the film’s digital premiere on ZEE5 Global, a platform that promises to bring our story to a wider audience. While some audiences may perceive mythological tales as slow or predictable, we’ve infused ‘HanuMan’ with an array of interesting elements to keep viewers thoroughly engaged. The overwhelming response in theaters has been encouraging, and I’m optimistic that our audience will continue to embrace the film’s magic as it finds its home on ZEE5 Global.”


Lead actor Teja Sajja who perfectly essays the character of Hanumanthu aka HanuMan shared, “I am immensely proud to have been a part of ‘HanuMan,’ a film that celebrates our rich cultural heritage while offering a fresh take on the superhero genre. Portraying Hanumanthu has been a deeply gratifying experience, and I’m thrilled to see our work reaching audiences nationwide through its digital premiere on ZEE5 Global. The widespread appreciation, not just from Telugu audiences but from across the country, is truly heartening. This movie is undoubtedly a game-changer, and I hope that our audience enjoys the journey as much as I did bringing this iconic character to life.”


 Get your popcorn and stream ‘HanuMan’ in Telugu exclusively on ZEE5 Global!

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