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“A Time Called You” is a remake of Taiwanese drama series “Someday Or One Day” that aired on CTV from 2019 to 2020. Netflix’s “A Time Called You”, is a beautiful adaptation only elevated by the performances and chemistry of heartthrob Ahn Hyo-Seop ( Business Proposal, Dr. Romantic) and Jeon Yeo-Been ( Vincenzo).

This is a story that runs in two timelines.

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We follow the heart-wrenching journey of Han Jun-Hee, portrayed by the talented Jeon Yeo-Bin. Jun-Hee is a woman deeply scarred by the loss of her beloved boyfriend, Koo Yeon-Jun, whose memory still lingers in her heart even a year after his passing. We see her mourn and miss him in 2023 as his flight crash that happened in 2022 has had no bodies recovered. Even when she sees his family reconcile to the loss of their son, she refuses to believe that he might be dead.

Confirming her belief is a shadow of Yeon-Jun, in his long hair, limping, scarred-faced avatar who watches Jun-Hee from afar.

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However, destiny takes an unexpected turn when Jun-Hee inexplicably finds herself transported back in time to the year 1998, where she inhabits the body of high school student Kwon Min-Ju, also portrayed by Jeon Yeo-Bin. At her new school, she encounters Nam Si-Heon, played by the charismatic Ahn Hyo-Seop.

What astonishes Jun-Hee is that Si-Heon bears an uncanny resemblance to her late boyfriend, Yeon-Jun. Not only does he share his physical attributes, but he also exudes a magnetic charm that captures the hearts of his female classmates.

Amidst this time-travel-induced confusion, we witness the complexities of emotions as Jun-Hee navigates her feelings for Si-Heon, whose presence serves as both a comforting reminder of her lost love and a tantalizing temptation for a new beginning. But the twists of fate don’t end there; Jun-Hee also becomes the object of affection for Jung In-Gyu, portrayed by Kang Hoon, who is Si-Heon’s best friend and finds himself falling for the enigmatic Min-Ju.

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“A Time Called Love” is a mesmerizing exploration of love, loss, and the intricate threads that connect our past and present. Jeon Yeo-Bin’s portrayal of Jun-Hee’s emotional turmoil is nothing short of captivating, while Ahn Hyo-Seop’s dual role as Yeon-Jun’s look-alike and the charming Si-Heon adds depth to the narrative. Kang Hoon’s performance as the lovestruck In-Gyu adds another layer of tension to this captivating love triangle.

This enchanting time-travel romance is a rollercoaster of emotions, promising viewers an unforgettable journey through the complexities of love and fate. With a gripping storyline and stellar performances, “A Time Called Love” is a must-watch for anyone seeking a heartrending and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

Streams on Netflix.

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