CAST: Kim Ji Eun, Lomon, Yang Hye Ji, Kim Ho Young

DIRECTOR: Jung Hun Soo

The first episode of “Branding in Seongsu” introduces us to lethal Kang Na Eon, who is a legend at Seongsu agency for her business acumen, brains and project delivery skills.

She is late for a client meeting which her rival at work has decided to sabotage for his benefit. Offering 500K Won to the taxi driver to get her to a meeting in 5 minutes amidst packed traffic roads, she makes it to the meeting with just 5 minutes to spare. Her skills are so amazing that by just turning up the effect of her presence, she is able to buy 50 more minutes from the client to win the deal for her company.

Branding in Seongsu (2024)Branding in Seongsu (2024)

As she gets to work, she needs to get possession of an old shoe factory to set up a pop-up location for her beauty brand client. While taking over the location, her team runs into their team member So Eun Ho, who is an intern at their own company but is a woke activist who is against the takeover of the location by the client.

His protest ends and he finds himself in a soup with Na Eon, his senior at work. She reprimands him but gets his point as well.

In the next episodes of this show, we expect a bit of fantasy as a sudden accidental kiss between these two will result in their souls getting swapped. What will happen when the brutally professional Na Eon gets the soul of the woke MZ Eun Ho?

Will Na Eon’s projects and clients suffer in ways she cannot imagine?

We cannot wait for the drama to unfold.

This drama streams on Viki and drops episodes air every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with a total of 24 episodes.


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