~ Produced by Jamnadas Majethia and written and directed by Aatish Kapadia, the film will premiere on 9th February 2024 on the platform ~

Global, 25th January 2024: ZEE5 Global, the world’s largest streaming platform for South Asian content, announced the world digital premiere of the much-awaited comedy drama, ‘Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan’ today. Khichdi 2, the follow-up to Khichdi: The Movie (2010) stars Supriya Pathak Kapur, Rajeev Mehta, Anang Desai, Vandana Pathak, Jamnadas Majethia, Kirti Kulhari, Anant Vidhaat Sharma, Reyaansh Vir Chaddha and Flora Saini in prominent roles along with surprise cameos by Farah Khan and Pratik Gandhi. The movie is set to premiere on ZEE5 Global on 9th February 2024.

In the sequel, the Parekh family goes on an adventure to save the world with Praful playing a double role and also serving as an emperor of a fictional country Paanthukistan. The absurdity, the gags and the silliness return as the Parekh family’s adventure transcend various landscapes – cities, beaches, snow-clad mountains, deserts, and caves. The film promises an uproarious adventure as the Parekh family stumbles upon a royal revelation that catapults them into a whirlwind of comedic chaos.

Created by Jamnadas Majethia and Aatish Kapadia’s Hats Off Productions, the show was made into a movie in 2010. Now, more than 13 years later, the makers have returned with Khichdi 2 – the movie.

Producer Jamnadas Majethia further said, “For more than two decades, the Khichdi franchise has been a source of laughter for audiences, creating a nostalgic connection with them. Even after more than a decade since our last film, the excitement has been still buzzing with constant inquiries about the return of Khichdi! It has a robust bond with its fans, and with the World Digital Premiere of Khichdi 2 on ZEE5 Global, we are thrilled that this enduring comedy franchise will continue to not only expand its family but also cross international borders.”

Writer and Director Aatish Kapadia said, “Fans eagerly awaited the return of Khichdi, and with this new offering, we’re bringing back the unmatched craziness of the Khichdi family through their comedic escapades in Paanthukistan. The franchise holds a special place in our hearts, and through this sequel, we aim to amplify the laughter, craziness, and quintessential humour that fans love. Working with this exceptional cast has been an absolute joy and returning with them after so many years felt like home. I believe our collaborative efforts will bring forth a memorable chapter in the Khichdi legacy.”

Supriya Pathak, the vivacious Hansa, joyfully said, “Bringing Hansa back in ‘Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan’ has been an absolute delight. The laughter, camaraderie, and the sheer absurdity of the character never fail to bring a smile to my face. Hansa as a character has resonated so well across all age groups and it has been the most gratifying role of my life. This new instalment guarantees another laughter-filled rollercoaster ride and what better platform than ZEE5 Global for a homegrown show like Khichdi”.

Watch ‘Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan’ exclusively on ZEE5 Global on 9th February 2024

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