Ji Chang Wook once again showcases his acting prowess in “The Worst of Evil.”

In this K-drama, Ji Chang Wook takes on the role of Park Jun Mo, an undercover officer tasked with capturing Jung Ki Chul, portrayed by Wi Ha Joon, who is the kingpin of the Gangnam Union, a notorious drug trade hub connecting South Korea, China, and Japan.

Ji Chang Wook’s performance in the series is exceptional as he skillfully portrays the intricacies of Park Joon Mo’s character, including the internal conflicts, complexities, and challenges he faces.

Ji Chang-wook turns into an undercover detective in the new crime-action  drama The Worst Of Evil | Filmfare.com

In an interview with Star News, Ji Chang Wook discussed his decision to join the project, stating that “The Worst of Evil” wasn’t a choice he made solely for the action elements. He was drawn to the noir genre, but what truly captivated him were the intricate character relationships and his trust in the director.

Regarding the action sequences, he mentioned, “I worked intensively with my team members, and it’s gratifying to see our hard work reflected on screen. After my previous action role in ‘The K2,’ I had sworn off action productions, but I decided to take on this challenge after some time. It was physically demanding, but as it was a series, maintaining the overall story flow, character development, and tension was challenging. I had numerous discussions with the director about it.”

Ji Chang Wook’s dedication to his craft and his ability to delve into complex characters make “The Worst of Evil” a must-watch for fans of his work.

The Worst of Evil Review: Ji Chang-wook, Wi Ha-Joon shine in this crime  pulp drama - India Today

When discussing his character in “The Worst of Evil,” Ji Chang Wook provided insights into his approach, stating, “As I portrayed Park Joon Mo, who was undercover, I aimed to heighten the crisis and internal conflict he experienced. I deliberately excluded the typical moral beliefs and values expected of a drama protagonist and instead focused on his greed and inferiority complex. My intention was to vividly depict the process of this character falling apart.”

He further elaborated on Joon Mo’s personality, describing him as someone with a stubborn disposition, suggesting that this trait became more pronounced as he carried out his mission. Ji Chang Wook delved deep into Joon Mo’s psyche, exploring concepts like inferiority complex, obsession, and rationalization of his actions. He contemplated whether Joon Mo’s obsession with Eui Jung truly amounted to love or if it was more about not wanting to lose her, leaving room for interpretation in his portrayal.

After “The Worst of Evil,” Ji Chang Wook continued to work on upcoming projects, including the K-movie “Revolver” and K-dramas “Welcome to Samdalri” and “Queen Woo.”

Reflecting on his demanding schedule, Ji Chang Wook admitted feeling exhausted but remained motivated by the scripts he encountered. He shared, “It wasn’t an easy schedule, to be honest, but as I read the scripts, I kept wanting to work. I think it was especially like that this year. While there is physical fatigue, my passion is even greater.”

The Worst of Evil Konusu Ne? Nerede Yayınlanıyor!

In an interview with MBN, Ji Chang Wook offered insights into “Welcome to Samdalri,” mentioning that it was currently in production, and he was working diligently on it. He hinted at showcasing a different side of himself in this project, emphasizing that it would be more feel-good and lively compared to the intensity of “The Worst of Evil.”

He also shared his personal thoughts on the titles of his recent projects, expressing a preference for “Welcome to Samdalri” over “The Worst of Evil,” as he felt the latter’s title might be too grandiose compared to the essence of their work, though he acknowledged this was his personal opinion.

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