Whether it’s making a bold statement, releasing a new film, or stepping out in unconventional attire, filmmaker Karan Johar has consistently found himself on the receiving end of harsh online criticism. However, with the launch of the latest season of his talk show, “Koffee With Karan,” he has executed a brilliant strategy that deserves applause for its sheer ingenuity. The witty filmmaker has transformed his online trolls into promotional content, showcasing a well-thought-out publicity move.

In the first promo of “KWK8,” Karan engages in a conversation with his conscience, which humorously taunts him, saying, “Were those cheesy jokes with your ‘nepo’ babies supposed to be funny? Every episode felt the same. A 50-year-old man asking 20-year-olds about their sex lives.”

These dialogues not only provide insight into the filmmaker’s intentions for the new season but also demonstrate that he and his team have carefully analyzed the online negativity that emerged after the previous season. It’s a clever way to turn negativity into, well, a cup of coffee!

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During the shooting of the first episode of his show, featuring Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, which aired on Wednesday, Karan openly addressed an important point. He stated that the show’s evolution would depend on the audience’s response. If they enjoyed it, it would signify the show’s growth. However, if it turned out to be dull, it would be because the general public had demanded more mature and meaningful content. This message was cleverly embedded in the show’s opening monologue, almost like a disclaimer.

Before welcoming Deepika and Ranveer, Karan remarked, “It’s hard to believe that you guys have had such an influence on me that we are launching another season so quickly, and it’s all for you, not because we owe it to Hotstar. It’s either because you loved us excessively or perhaps the last season required a revamp with a cleaner conscience with a ‘K’.” This also served as the filmmaker’s way of announcing that this season would delve into more mature and profound themes.

Hotstar Specials: Koffee With Karan | Season 8 | Episode 1 | 12:00 AM Oct  26th | DisneyPlus Hotstar - YouTube

He continued by acknowledging the influence of the audience’s online feedback, saying, “I will soon find out from all of you online how bad I was at that, but thanks to you and your internet comments, we have evolved significantly as a community, as a genre, and as a show. So, if your favorite moments occasionally seem a bit dull, it’s because in 2023, with your social media posts being louder than our full-blown item numbers, even a single tweet can become a major PR issue.” Karan made this statement before inviting the hottest couple in B-town.

While some might view it as a gimmick, it reflects the intelligence of a filmmaker who now understands his fans very well. His audience comprises not only those who adore him but also those who enjoy criticizing him.

Season 8 streams on Hulu and Hotstar


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