CAST: Ji Chang-wook , Shin Hye-sun, Kim Mi-Kyung, Seo Hyun-Chul, Shin Dong-Mi, Yu Oh-Seong

DIRECTOR:Cha Young-hoon

If you just finished watching “Worst of Evil”, you will be far more appreciative of Ji Chang-wook’s mind-blowing talent. In “Worst of Evil”, he played a police officer going undercover to infiltrate a mega crime syndicate. In “Welcome to Samdalri”, he is Jo Yong-Pil, a mega passionate weather forecaster who has grown up with his childhood sweetheart Jo Sam-Dal in their hometown on Jeju, till she decides she wants to fly in larger skies and leaves him to go to Seoul.

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Jo Sam-Dal becomes a famous photographer who works under the alias of Jo Eun-Hye in Seoul. She reached the pinnacle of her profession after working very hard as an assistant for 8 years in the fashion photography industry.

Now that she is famous, she has a team of her own. But her assistant of many years feels that she is hindering her success and is jealous of her life.

Sam-dal catches her boyfriend in a passionate romance with another woman and on the night before her big exhibition is about to open, she has a showdown with the assistant realizing that it was her who seduced her boyfriend.

Her whole world comes tumbling down when the assistant decides to try to commit suicide and blames her for being an inhumane boss. The assignments vanish and the collaborations are called off.

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Her entire life disassembles in a matter of hours and she is canceled by the whole world. She returns to her hometown of Samdalri, which is a place she always wanted to leave.

In the meantime, Yong-Pil has been following her life through magazines and online chatter. He has been offered to leave Jeju for Seoul but he just won’t do it lest he meets Sam-dal there.

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At the end of the first episode, Sam-dal and her sisters ( and a cute niece) move back to Samdalri to their parent’s house.

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