CAST:  Miles Wei, Huang Riying, Yang Shize, Zhang Muxi, Fan Jinwei, He Yuhong, and Han Qiuchi, Chen Bohao.


Tang Xin has long harbored feelings for her boss, Tang Yu, who mistakenly falls for her best friend. After his failed love confession, Tang Xin bravely confesses to him but faces rejection.

Realizing their relationship is not meant to be, she moves on, resigning from her job to pursue her career with a talented director who believes in her.

I May Love You | Mainland China | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles &  More ✔️

Tang Yu, unsettled by her departure and seeing her with other men, finally understands his true feelings for Tang Xin. This realization marks the beginning of Tang Yu’s determined journey to win over the woman he loves.

Miles Wei seemed to have mastered the tsundere character as he is elegantly good as one. If you follow his character graph across his recent work, whether in “Hello, I am at your service”, “Rising with the Wind”, “Only for Love” or now in this show, he aces the same type of guys with the same wardrobe and the same voice.

On the other hand, in the middle of all the good-looking people in this show; Yang Shi Ze shines. Oh, his dimples. Huang Riying, not so much. The chemistry does not seem palpable.

Sinopsis I May Love You, Drachin Modern Terbaru yang Dibintangi Miles Wei  dan Huang Riying - Riau Makmur

Yang ShiZhe plays Lu Zhi Xing, a celebrated Director, who approaches Tang Xin with the intent to getting the rights for her novel “I’ll Make a Dream for you” so it can produced as a movie. As she tries to distance herself from Tang Yu’s company Time Productions, Tang Xi, decides to work with Zhi Ying. This further accelerates Tang Yu’s FOMO as he sees her with Zhi Ying, who is also his former classmate and nemesis.

Now that Tang Yu is trying his best to get Tang Xin’s attention, he moves to the apartment across from her to get closer to her and admits to his best friend that he is indeed in love with her.

In the middle of all this, another production house claims that the movie they are producing is the original story and the script of Tang Xi’s story was plagiarized by her. As she is getting canceled by the whole world, the entire production unit and Tang Yu stand by her and prove her innocence.

By the way, the Chinese title of this show translates to, “I don’t just like you”

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