CAST: Tan Jianci, Zhou Ye, Hou Wen Yuan, Yang Xi Zi, Cao En Qi,


Gu Sheng, while graduating at the School of Media, has a low-key identity as a genius composer and artist specializing in traditional Chinese music called Sheng Sheng Man. For the listeners and lovers of that genre, she is top-notch. What she does not know is that her voice has caught the attention of a industry-famous voice artist who goes by the name of Qiang Qing Ci.

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Sheng has been a die-hard fan of Qingci for many years and has followed his career closely. When she finds herself in an audio room where she is performing; she just cannot believe that he is listening to her. As he starts talking with her and establishing a channel to communicate, she is dumbfounded. What she finds perplexing is that he recites his favorite recipes to her in those conversations.

Her room mate Xiao Xing is hosting a non-profit app and sends a proposal to the Perfect Voice company ( Qingci and his friends) to collaborate. Qingci decides to agree to the collaboration only after he sees Shengshengman’s name on the brochure

As their conversations continue, they first add each other on WeChat, then phone, and finally decide to meet to record a song for the charity.

One thing leads to another and Qingci starts courting Sheng. In that process, he starts peeling his mysterious persona for her. His real name is Mo Qing Cheng and he is a Cardiac surgeon. Apart from being a conscientious doctor who visits Sheng’s family supermarket every day; he is also a passionate cook. As their meetings continue, Qingci tells Sheng that he likes her and wants to be with her.

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Sheng agrees but is still unsure whether their relationship would be a success since he was so successful. He reassures her that he is very serious about her and shows his sincerity in action.

Keeping his identity from all around her, Sheng and Qingci start dating.

This show is a slow burn. Those who want to see quick action may not like it.

Synopsis Of Chinese Drama Love Me, Love My Voice: Tan Jian Ci And Zhou Ye Fall In Love With Voice

What is spectacular about the story is that it is simple, no drama, no complications, no jealous tyrants, no plotting, no scheming characters but a clean, beautiful story of two people who get accosted by each other via their voices, getting to know the each other, while falling in love deeply.

You will find yourself smiling at the screen throughout. Shout out to Tan Jainci’s beautiful voice. One can fall in love with it.

The series is based on a Novel by Mo Bao Feo Bao

Twelve episodes are out on Tencent Video. Soon on Viki.




Official Trailer】Love Me, Love My Voice (Tan JianCi, Zhou Ye) | 很想很想你-  YouTube

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