CAST: Han Geng, Zhou Fang, Wei Daxun, Li Yitong

DIRECTOR: Teng Hua Tao, Wang Wei


In 2021, amidst the bustling streets of Jinhai, China, a phenomenon called “Spy Game” began to grip the imagination of the city’s youth. Little did they suspect that this seemingly innocuous game was a creation of the enigmatic foreign intelligence organization known as “Night Mist.”

Unbeknownst to its players, “Spy Game” served as a clandestine platform for engaging individuals in covert espionage activities and slyly scouting for potential recruits among its avid participants. The insidious influence of this game was quietly infiltrating the very fabric of Jinhai.

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During this tumultuous period, Gao Tianyang, portrayed by the talented Han Geng, assumed the role of the head of the Intelligence Department at the Jinhai National Security Bureau. Alongside him was the dedicated intelligence agent Wu Xi, played by Zhou Fang, who had seamlessly integrated into the covert world of the game as an undercover operative.

Their mission: to unravel the intricate web of a classified laboratory theft case deeply intertwined with the enigmatic “Spy Game.” As the layers of deception peeled away, startling revelations came to light.

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Among those ensnared in the shadowy web was none other than Gao Tianyang’s younger brother, Huang Zicheng, portrayed by Wei Daxun. Raised side by side, the siblings found themselves on opposite sides of a perilous divide, with Huang Zicheng deeply entangled in the realm of the special agent game.

Guided by their unwavering determination, Gao Tianyang and Wu Xi embarked on a daring rescue mission, rescuing Huang Zicheng from the clutches of the espionage conspiracy. In an unexpected turn of events, Huang Zicheng, armed with his extensive experience in the game, emerged as an informant for the National Security Bureau.

In the labyrinthine world of “Spy Game,” Huang Zicheng crossed paths with Yao Yao, portrayed by the talented Li Yitong, and their fates became inexplicably intertwined. Together, they embarked on a heart-pounding odyssey within the confines of the game.

However, just as the tendrils of affection began to ensnare Huang Zicheng and Yao Yao, a shocking revelation shattered their illusions. It turned out that their entire journey, from inception to culmination, had been an elaborate ruse, and Yao Yao was nothing more than a cunning pawn deployed by the very spies they sought to unmask.

As the game’s cruelty became increasingly evident to all involved, the stakes soared to new heights, and the line between reality and deception blurred into a thrilling and treacherous landscape.

Adapted from the novel “Shuang Xi” (双喜) by Lang Lang (郎朗), the series is a surprise production. Not only does it deep dive into VR Gaming but also the lives of gamers who sometimes lose the perspective between real and virtual worlds.

The show is slick, realistic and the you feel like you have become a part of the thrilling script from the get-go. The graphics, animation, game dev, immersive parts are extremely well presented and framed.

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