Main Cast: Fan Zhi Xin, Li Mo Zhi

My Lethal Man is a new Chinese drama following the story of Zhuang Xin Yan, the granddaughter of a rich and influential family, and Shen Man Ning, a local art student (both played by Li Mo Zhi). The drama begins with the story of twin roses. The two roses are identical, however when they encounter one another it results in one dying and the other beginning a new life. Similar to the story of the roses, Man Ning and Xin Yan quickly become entangled in an unexpected kidnapping case. However, Xin Yan dies in a car accident after she sacrifices herself to protect Man Ning. 

When Man Ning wakes up in the hospital she learns of Xin Yan’s death, meets Yan Xing Cheng (played by Fan Zhi Xin), and is forced to become Xin Yan and Xing Cheng’s fiancé. Although Xing Cheng is cold and mysterious, he prepares Man Ning for her entry into the highly political and tense succession war of LH Star, Xin Yan’s family company. As the Xing Cheng and Man Ning work together and overcome the drama and difficulties in the Zhuang Mansion and LH Star, the two slowly grow closer and eventually learn to love and rely on each other. Additionally, they probe deeper into the unsolved, mysterious car accident that Xin Yan barely survived 17 years ago. 


My Lethal Man is definitely not your typical Chinese drama. Although it follows the familiar theme of conglomerate succession, the series has a unique take on romance. Rather than having two characters fall for one another and take their time to establish a relationship, Man Ning and Xing Cheng are forced together as a couple and gradually grow closer.

Although Man Ning is initially portrayed as a weak and nervous character, she eventually becomes more confident and reassured as she attempts to become a legitimate Xin Yan and heir to LH Star. I also liked how she was willing to fight for her relationships. It was nice to see a Chinese drama break the stereotypical weak female lead who walks away from a relationship. Despite being strangers, Man Ning and Xing Cheng have great chemistry as they continue to grow closer with one. However, the connection between Xin Yan and Xing Cheng is definitely surprising and unexpected to say the least!

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