Main Cast: Kang So-Ra, Jang Seung-Jo


Strangers Again is one of the newest South Korean dramas currently airing and follows the story of two divorce attorneys, Oh Ha-Ra (played by Kang So-Ra) and Goo Eun-Beom (played by Jang Seung-Jo). Known as the “goddess of litigation”, Ha-Ra is an extremely successful and well-known divorce lawyer who wins and advocates for her clients and ensures that they receive the biggest financial and karma payouts possible. However, Ha-Ra’s success and knowledge for divorce law comes from personal experience after she divorced her husband and fellow lawyer, Eun-Beom. Although Ha-Ra has not seen her ex-husband in years, she still receives a hefty monthly alimony from him. However as Eun-Beom’s law practice goes bankrupt, he secretly joins Ha-Ra’s firm and the duo are unexpectedly reunited.

Although the duo are expected to work together with one another, they are constantly squabbling with one another over past grievances. With the expectation of having a civil and professional relationship with one another, Ha-Ra and Eun-Beom attempt to create boundaries and restart as strangers. However, as former and new lovers begin to enter, both Ha-Ra and Eun-Beom are constantly on the brink of fights as they struggle to tell each other their real thoughts and feelings. 


Strangers Again perfectly fits into the standard Korean romantic comedy. Despite being a successful lawyer and “celebrity”, Ha-Ra remains unhappy as she continues to heal from her failed relationship with Eun-Beom. Although the drama implies that Eun-Beom cheated on Ha-Ra, it does not place the blame solely on him. Each divorce case also portrays that both members of the marriage had a role in the divorce and implies that it’s rarely a single person at fault. 

It is interesting to see how Ha-Ra uses her own experience with divorce to empathize and advocate for her clients. However her wounds from her previous marriage are very evident as she constantly jabs or makes backhanded comments to Eun-Beom. Although she is very competent, Ha-Ra definitely acts impulsively and makes questionable decisions in an attempt to lash out against Eun-Beom. However, as the drama progresses the true and surprising reason for their divorce is revealed. Although he is undoubtedly a coward, I couldn’t help but slightly pity Eun-Beom since he still loves and cares for Ha-Ra despite knowing that he cannot make her happy.

New episodes of Strangers Again are currently released now on Viki!
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