Main Cast: Ro Woon, Kim Hee-Seon, Lee Soo-Hyuk, Yun Ji-On, Kim Hae-Sook


Tomorrow is a South Korean drama based on a webtoon, following the world and work of grim reapers. Despite having an impressive resume and numerous certifications, Choi Joon-Wong (played by Ro Woon) struggles to find a job. However one night Joon-Woong witnesses a man attempting to end his life and tries to stop him. While trying to save the man, Joon-Woong falls into a coma and enters the “underworld”, Jumadeung, the world of the grim reapers as a half-human and half-spirit. He meets the ruler of Jumadeung, the Jade Emperor (played by Kim Hae-Sook), and agrees to remain in the underworld for a short amount of time as a part-time employee of the crisis management team. In exchange, Joon-Woong can have any job he wishes once he completes his service and returns to his body. 

Despite being a newly created team, the crisis management team is looked down upon by other grim reapers and are constantly busy and have limited staff. With the mission to save suicidal individuals, the team keeps close tabs on individuals who are at high risk of commiting suicide. Tomorrow follows the story of crisis management team’s team leader Koo Ryeon (played by Kim Hee-Sun) and assistant manager Lim Ryung-Gu (played by Yun Ji-On) as they listen to, empathize, and save people in their darkest moments. 


Despite surrounding the topic of suicide, Tomorrow is a fantastic drama with a complex plot and a realistic take on sensitive topics. Each episode’s story and mission was well-executed and struck a good balance between the sadness and seriousness of each person’s backstory as well as a touch of comedic relief. 

Kim Hee-Seon did a phenomenal job at playing a character that deeply empathized and genuinely cared about each potential high-risk individual. Although Koo Ryeon is a cold, yet distant team leader, she always takes the time to actually listen and help each victim in any way possible. In small moments between the team members, the series also respectfully added comedic relief to help lighten the emotional tension with the “bromance” between Joon-Woong and Ryung-Gu. I also found it entertaining that the underworld was portrayed as a corporate headquarters.

Tomorrow weaves a complex plot as it flows back and forth between past and present to reveal Koo Ryeon and Ryung-Gu’s pasts. Additionally, it also dives deeper on Park Joong-Gil (played by Lee Soo-Hyuk), a fellow grim reaper who is openly resentful towards the crisis management team. Each episode reveals more information on their previous lives and provides additional clarity on why each member was chosen for the crisis management team. 

Overall, Tomorrow was a great drama and each episode left me riding a constant wave of emotions.

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