This week of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 was a very sizzling and emotional one. Well, it was focused entirely on Prachi and Raghav. Prachi goes to the construction site as she learns about the strike. Raghav knows about the same and goes behind her. Both of them are compelled to stay overnight and open their hearts out.
Meanwhile, Prachi gets drunk and seduces Raghav, the poor boy who tries hard to resist but fails. All the pent-up pain, betrayal, and frustrations are on the surface. Niti and Randeep killed it with their chemistry. For Prachi, his hiding her feelings and leaving her was a betrayal. Whereas for him, not being chosen by her was devastating. Prachi is slowly heading towards realizing how Raghav’s every little thing/behavior/emotion affects her. Hopefully, Prachi will recognize her feelings for him and knock off the built walls of his heart.


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