This week that went by of Katha Ankahee was beautiful as it showcased a series of emotions beginning from Aarav’s void of a father to Viaan Raghuvanshi’s pristine confession. I mean, the way he confessed was one of the most divine and sincere confession in front of the almighty during the Path. Katha is mesmerized by his honesty of him but, at the same time, refrains from loving him back. He has already affected her without realizing that he has entered her heart. It will be a beautiful journey of her realizing and breaking off the walls for him. Let’s see how she realizes her love and approaches him. The way this show delivers with the fantastic bunch of writers and directors is commendable. The best part is they are showing how he draws a boundary of respect and promises not to bother her. This show has my heart literally <3.


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