This week that went by of Lag Ja Gale was an exhilarating one. So much happened in the worlds of Shiv and Ishani that we are still taken aback by the twists they have slammed us with. After he turns down Ishani’s love, Yash and Pooja hatch a plan to bring the two closer, which backfires as Shiv lashes out at her for entering Aniket’s room. She finds out about aniket being his possible look-alike or twin and dives further to find his whereabouts. Aniket meets her, learns that he was brainwashed against his own family, and decides to meet Shiv. Sumit and his men kidnap the two and brutally murder him. Ishani and Shiv’s twisted fate plays a role, and circumstances make them apart. Since she decides to betray him, he decides to avenge her. She dives into the fire to protect him, and he wants to turn her life into a living hell. Such is their passion for each other screaming at the peak. Seeing how these two find love in these dire circumstances will be interesting.


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