CAST: Lee Ji-ah, Kang Ki-young, Kim Sun-young, Oh Min-suk,

DIRECTOR: Park Jin-seok

Queen of Divorce (TV Series 2024– ) - IMDb

Kim Sa Ra, once a daughter-in-law in South Korea’s most prominent law firm, faced betrayal by her husband and the subsequent loss of her status. Rising from the ashes, she carved a new path as a divorce troubleshooter.

Now, she leads the team at Solution, a divorce settlement office. Her mission is to bring justice to errant spouses and aid those trapped in unjust divorce predicaments.

By her side is Dong Ki Joon, a public prosecutor, and her ex-boyfriend who comes in as a legal advisor at Solution. Formerly a celebrated prosecutor known as the “German Shepherd” for his relentless pursuit and sharp instincts, Ki Joon left his role under mysterious circumstances. Now, he and Sa Ra collaborate to assist those navigating the turbulent waters of challenging divorce cases.

The first episode starts with the operatives from Solution carrying out an operation where an Actor has kidnapped his own son to get an upside in a divorce settlement with his wife. Sa Ra leads the team that breaks into the house of the actor and rescues the kid from the basement.

The story then switches to two years before that day when we are introduced to Sa Ra – an ace lawyer in the law firm owned by her husband’s family, but controlled by his snob, cruel mother. The husband is having an affair behind her back and her mother-in-law refuses to acknowledge her and estranges her from her son quite openly.

Queen of Divorce (TV Series 2024– ) - IMDb

The mother and son cheat Sa Ra and using her identity, conduct a fraudulent act implicating her in a crime, for which she has to go to prison. While she is in prison, her husband divorces her and takes custody of her child.

With the help of a woman she had earlier helped, Sa Ra finally gets bail and starts work in the company that these ladies form together so that no other woman is ever robbed of their rights.

Queen of Divorce (TV Series 2024– ) - IMDb

Engaging and full of thrills, Queen of Divorce is flawless in its first episode that streams on Viki


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