CAST: Yang Zi , Fan Cheng Cheng, Zhu Yan Man Zi , Jin Shi Jia , Wang Qian Yue , Fang Yue Qian as Lan Yi Fei


Huang Yuan Zi, Jiang Yi, Fang Ming Yu, Zhuang Yuan, Lan Yi Fei, and Guan Chao grew up as inseparable friends, with Huang often taking the lead, a role they all cherished.

Their story unfolds around the time of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Huang penned a play set in a dystopian future where a rice cooker repeatedly saves the day.

Each friend had distinct dreams: Guan Chao, the energetic sprinter, aimed for Olympic glory; Lan Yi Fei, harboring a secret affection for Guan, aspired to be a ballet dancer; Zhuang Yuan, the tech whiz, was university-bound; Fang Ming Yu had a methodical approach to her goals; Jiang Yi preferred a life of disengagement; and Huang, at heart, was a writer.

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Years later, their once close-knit bond had frayed under the weight of adult life. Huang, disillusioned with her career as a journalist, faces ethical dilemmas at work. A chance airport encounter with Yi Fei, now a successful ballet dancer, brings news of Guan Chao’s wedding. Yi Fei suggests a reunion, orchestrated by Huang.

Huang’s attempts to reconnect reveal the paths they’ve taken. Ming Yu, overwhelmed in her corporate role, struggles with the emotional toll of layoffs. Huang, witnessing her stress, leaves a McDonald’s choco pie – a nostalgic symbol of their friendship. Zhuang Yuan is immersed in his PhD studies, while Jiang Yi remains elusive, reluctant to reunite.

This opening episode sets a captivating stage, unraveling the complex lives of friends once inseparable. What lies ahead for this group, once as close as family?

After a twelve-year gap, Ying Zi and Jiang Yi’s reunion was a far cry from their high school days. Jiang Yi had moved to the UK with his family after high school, and their once easy friendship now felt awkward and forced. Ying Zi, still taking charge, believed Jiang Yi had returned for Guan Chao’s wedding.

In her usual assertive manner, Ying Zi brought Jiang Yi to Ming Yu’s place, where she was dining with her boss, who also happened to be her boyfriend. Ming Yu stepped away from dinner to catch up with her old friends, regretfully informing them she couldn’t attend the wedding.

Guan Chao, the only one who remained in their hometown, frequently visited their grandmother. During one of these visits, he shared his hope of having all his childhood friends at his wedding.

Though we are all watching this show for Yang Zi, Fan Cheng Cheng rides on her star power.

The portrayal of evolving friendships in this story strikes a chord of relatability, especially the transition from high school to adulthood. During our teenage years, life seems straightforward – hanging out with friends, and engaging in playful antics. But as adulthood sets in, complexities and stresses multiply. There’s a part of us that yearns to return to those simpler times. The direction and performances of the entire cast are commendable. The seamless weaving of flashbacks into the present-day narrative, juxtaposing their carefree teenage years with their current lives, is particularly well-executed.

The depiction of the six characters’ friendship in “Love Endures” is truly touching. Their deep connection is palpable, making their shared journey all the more moving. The transition from their collective childhood in a state-owned courtyard to the hurdles they face in adulthood highlights the enduring nature of their bond.

The show’s narrative is captivating, full of suspenseful plot twists and emotional depth, coupled with strong character arcs. It’s a blend that keeps me thoroughly engaged. “Love Endures” is an emotional rollercoaster, at times joyous, at other times tear-jerking.

Yang Zi’s portrayal of Huang Ying Zi is a standout performance. She navigates the character’s complexities with ease, bringing a rich spectrum of emotions to life. Her ability to convey vulnerability and strength makes the character’s journey feel incredibly real.

For anyone who cherishes stories of deep friendship and love, “Love Endures” is a highly recommended watch. It’s a drama that truly resonates.

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