CAST: Shahrukh Khan, Nayantara, Vijay Sethupati, Deepika Padukone, Sanya Malhotra, Priyamani,


“Jawan” embodies the essence of a classic Bollywood blockbuster, delivering an exciting blend of whistle-inducing dialogues, action-packed sequences, a compelling storyline, strong female characters, foot-tapping music, an ensemble cast, and the charismatic presence of Shah Rukh Khan himself.

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Director Atlee skillfully weaves a narrative that showcases Shah Rukh Khan at the peak of his prowess. What’s even more thrilling is that the film doesn’t offer just one Shah Rukh Khan but two – both exuding power, flexing their muscles, taking on the bad guys, and effortlessly charming the audience.

The plot of “Jawan” takes a bit of time to unfold.

It begins with a mysterious, bandaged man coming to the rescue of a remote village, presumably located in the North East of India, thwarting a group of invaders. The story then fast-forwards 30 years, bringing us to a battered, bandaged, and bald man who takes a Mumbai metro train hostage. Accompanied by a group of savvy women dressed in combat attire, and skilled in hacking, this man is a force to be reckoned with.

Officer Narmada Rai (played by Nayanthara) is called upon to negotiate with this enigmatic man, who, amidst his daring antics, narrates the tragic tale of a farmer who succumbed to the burden of unpaid loans to the authorities. When Narmada inquires about the conditions for releasing the hostages, the man demands a staggering sum of Rs 4 billion to be swiftly transferred from the account of the billionaire arms dealer Kaali (portrayed by Vijay Sethupathi).

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The police yield to his demands, and he, accompanied by his team of formidable women, vanishes, leaving the hostages thoroughly captivated. In fact, they develop a strong affinity for him, which eventually turns them against the investigation. Little do they know that this enigmatic man is none other than Azaad Rathore (played by SRK), an IPS officer who also serves as the head of a women’s prison in Mumbai. Azaad has transformed a group of wrongfully accused inmates into vigilant advocates for justice. These women, initially incarcerated under false charges, have undergone a profound transformation under his mentorship.

Unbeknownst to Narmada, Azaad inadvertently forges a bond with her daughter, who yearns for him to become her father figure. Narmada, a single mother, eventually consents to marry Azaad, moved by her daughter’s affection for the man. However, Narmada remains oblivious to Azaad’s true identity, as he operates undercover.

As a series of heists proliferate, Narmada takes it upon herself to apprehend the culprits. Will she discover Azaad’s hidden truth? And what drives Azaad to orchestrate these heists?

Director Atlee intricately weaves a narrative that oscillates between past and present, captivating the audience with numerous subplots, and keeping them thoroughly engrossed.

“Jawan” showcases the actor Shah Rukh Khan in a role that brings out his strong support for women’s empowerment. Khan has long been a vocal advocate for gender equality, and in this film, he plays a mentor figure to a group of women who have faced injustices. The movie celebrates the strength of these women and their determination to overcome challenges.


All the female characters in the film are portrayed as resilient individuals who can take on adversaries independently while also displaying warmth and nurturing qualities when needed. Nayanthara, making her Bollywood debut in “Jawan,” portrays a determined police officer who doesn’t let personal emotions interfere with her duty. Deepika Padukone, in an extended cameo, adds a touch of grace to her character.

Sanya Malhotra, Priyamani, and a group of young women make up SRK’s ‘gang of girls’ who demonstrate the ability to stand up to opponents twice their size. While the film celebrates the power of women, it also presents Shah Rukh Khan in a larger-than-life role. He takes on a dual role, with the older character seemingly paying homage to Rajinikanth through his distinctive walk and dialogue delivery in nearly every scene.

The film features elaborate action sequences, a hallmark of southern Indian cinema but still relatively fresh in Hindi cinema. The elaborate fight sequences, some of the scenes, and plot points require a certain suspension of disbelief but Jawan tackles pertinent societal issues in a very commercial setup and manages to throw in entertainment and thrill in between a serious narrative.

The issues start with farmers’ suicides, move on to corruption in Government hospital supplies, to defective arms supplied to Army by dealers who bribe politicians, and then settle at voter empowerment. The final monologue drives home and if Shahrukh is such a big influencer, the question remains – will the Indian fans listen to him and ask these pertinent questions of their politicians?

A brave message is embodied in a masala wrapper.

Despite being the reigning star of Hindi cinema for decades, Khan seamlessly adapts to the South Indian culture, which can be attributed to the skilled direction of Atlee. He appears comfortable and at ease with the role he portrays on screen.

Music from Anirudh is foot tapping and even though some edits were chops – the movie is a winner all the way to the bank and SRK fans hearts.


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