CAST: Lee Young Ae,Kim Young-Jae, Park Ho-San, Lee Moo-saeng, Hwang Boreum-Byeol

DIRECTOR: Kim Jung-kwon

“Maestra: Strings of Truth” is a gripping new melodrama thriller set in the heart of Seoul’s orchestral scene, inspired by the 2019 French series “Philharmonia.” The story revolves around Cha Se-eum, a formidable and highly skilled violinist-turned-conductor. After a two-decade hiatus abroad, she makes a dramatic return to South Korea, taking the reins of the Hangang Philharmonic Orchestra, much to the dismay of its members.

However, internal dissent within the orchestra is just the tip of the iceberg for Cha Se-eum. She finds herself entangled in a web of mysterious events linked to the orchestra, further complicated by her unfaithful husband and an unhinged ex-partner. The drama boasts a stellar ensemble cast, led by the renowned Lee Young-ae of “Lady Vengeance” fame in the role of Cha Se-eum. She is joined by Lee Moo-saeng, playing the intense Yoo Jung-jae, and Kim Young-jae as Kim Pil, Se-eum’s spouse.

Lee Young-Ae's Maestra: Strings of Truth Episode 3 Trailer: Cha Se-Eum's  Personal Life in Shambles

“Maestra: Strings of Truth” kicks off with the dramatic return of Cha Se-eum, a world-renowned conductor, to South Korea after a 20-year absence. Known for her intense and uncompromising approach, she stirs the Hanphil orchestra’s world, especially Yoo Jeong-jae, a horse enthusiast, who learns of her takeover.

The orchestra members initially resist Se-eum’s leadership, despite their waning popularity and need for her expertise. They hold varied, often biased views of her. Se-eum’s early arrival catches them off-guard. She’s straightforward and demanding, quickly reverting the members’ brief admiration to their original skepticism by rigorously critiquing their performance.

Disney+ K-drama Maestra: Strings of Truth – Lee Young-ae conducts  music-themed melodrama | South China Morning Post

Meanwhile, Se-eum’s personal life is equally complex. Her husband, Kim Phil, picks her up while they are being observed. Their relationship, strained by a three-year separation, is highlighted when Se-eum falls asleep to his piano playing.

The drama introduces Violinist Lee Ru-na, who gives up her part-time job, excited to be closer to her idol, Se-eum. Their early morning practice session hints at a developing mentor-protégé relationship.

The storyline deepens with Concertmaster Park, Se-eum’s senior, and her father’s friend. Se-eum’s decision to replace him with Ru-na due to his diminishing skills creates tension, especially with the unresolved history of Hanphil’s expulsion from the National Orchestra two decades ago.

Lee Young Ae Is A Genius Conductor Hiding A Big Secret In “Maestra: Strings  Of Truth” | Soompi

The plot thickens with flashbacks revealing Se-eum’s troubled past, including violent incidents. Kim, meanwhile, hides his true feelings about Se-eum’s return, and Se-eum’s visit to her family adds more layers to her character.

Se-eum’s assertive approach at Hanphil continues, causing drummer Ma Yo-sub’s walkout and CEO Jeon Sang-do’s challenge to increase attendance rates. Se-eum confidently accepts, promising significant improvements.

Tensions rise as Se-eum faces opposition from the orchestra, leading to a dramatic scene where she breaks into a locked rehearsal room and confronts the members, challenging their commitment. The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Jeong-Jae, an investment company owner with a mysterious connection to Se-eum, triggering a fire alarm during a rehearsal and approaching her, setting the stage for further intrigue.

In “Maestra: Strings of Truth” episode 2, the complex dynamics between characters intensify. Cha Se-eum feigns ignorance of her past with Yoo Jeong-jae, who obliges. Flashbacks reveal a contentious history, including a teenage incident where Jeong-jae saves an ungrateful Se-eum from drowning, sparking their initial bickering.

Jeong-jae’s annoyance surfaces with the unexpected arrival of his ex-wife. Simultaneously, Se-eum’s husband, Kim Phil, learns about Jeong-jae’s disruptive fire alarm incident at Hanphil through his friend, No Ba-ha. Despite Phil’s confusion over Jeong-jae’s identity, Se-eum dismisses it with laughter.

Kim Young Jae Transforms Into Lee Young Ae's Loving Husband With His Own  Agony In “Maestra: Strings Of Truth” | Soompi

At Hanphil, tension rises as Su-jin and her clique target the new concertmaster, Ru-na. Se-eum, however, emboldens Ru-na to stand her ground or quit. In a surprising turn, Se-eum invites Mr. Park back as Ru-na’s mentor, adding a new layer to the orchestra’s dynamics.

Meanwhile, Phil’s meeting with Se-eum’s childhood friend, Hye-Jeong, reveals a past romantic link between Se-eum and Jeong-Jae, adding complexity to their current interactions. Park’s return to Hanphil is met with mixed reactions, but Ru-na takes charge unapologetically, impressing even Phil, who observes the practice fondly.

The episode reveals more personal aspects as Hye-Jeong speculates on Se-eum and Phil’s relationship. Se-eum’s father crafts a baton for her, reflecting the significance of her upcoming performance with Hanphil. The plot thickens when Jeong-jae announces his acquisition of the orchestra, confessing his enduring feelings for Se-eum and his intention to win her back. Flashbacks depict their tumultuous past, including their breakup sparked by Jeong-jae’s destructive jealousy.

As Jeong-jae looms over Se-eum’s professional life, he cancels Hanphil’s upcoming concert, leveraging his control until she divorces Phil. Despite these challenges, Se-eum remains resilient. She orchestrates an impromptu, successful concert, independently financed and live-streamed. The episode culminates in a shocking revelation. Se-eum receives a mysterious message from A-jin, only to discover her kissing Phil in a stairwell. Jeong-Jae, witnessing the scene, advises Se-eum against looking further.

Maestra: Strings of Truth (2023)

“Maestra: Strings of Truth” episode 2 layers its narrative with revelations and twists, painting a complex picture of entangled personal and professional lives. The episode reveals the true identity of Hye-Jeong and the strained relationship between Se-eum and her mother. Phil’s affair with A-jin, a surprising twist, adds to the drama’s intrigue. Jeong-jae’s obsessive behavior contrasts with moments of genuine concern for Se-eum, hinting at deeper layers to his character. The episode sets the stage for Se-eum’s next moves in both her personal and professional spheres, promising more drama and revelations.

“Maestra: Strings of Truth” promises a blend of mystery, workplace drama, and intricate character dynamics, appealing to a diverse audience with its mix of melodrama, intrigue, and musical passion. The first episode sets a fast-paced, action-packed tone, offering a fresh take on the original French series “Philharmonia.”
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