CAST: Zhao Lusi, Wang Anyu, Li Yun Rui, Cao Fei Ran, Jia Nai,



“The Last Immortal,” a Chinese drama available on Tencent Video has enthralled by the fans in its first few episodes with its high production values, including top-notch CGI and breathtaking visuals that successfully transport viewers into a magical world of Chinese mythology and fantasy. The storyline is described as engaging, with well-introduced characters and excellent acting, particularly highlighting Zhao Lusi’s formidable performance​.

This is a captivating Chinese drama that tells the story of A Yin, a diligent Water Condensing Beast, and Gu Jin, the son of a true god whose magical powers are sealed. Their lives intertwine when they meet by chance, setting them off on an intriguing journey to find Feng Yin’s Immortal Essence​​​​​.

Central to the narrative is Feng Yin, a female spirit whose core was destroyed by the Demon realm before she could be born. Since Gu Jin was the reason why her core was destroyed, he is relegated to exile by the Immortal realm leader. To bring Feng Yin back, Gu Jin must gather the fragments of her immortal essence. In this quest, Yin, a water beast ( who is Feng Yin without her core) joins Gu Jin, whose own magical abilities are restricted.

Their relationship is complex, initially defined by a master-servant dynamic that evolves into mutual admiration and trust. This relationship change hints at developing romantic feelings, adding an element of love to their journey and quest to discover Feng Yin’s true identity​.

The story is an adaptation of the novel “Hidden God” by Xing Ling, and it skillfully blends themes of mythology, romance, and personal growth. The characters are richly developed, each grappling with their unique challenges and histories, adding depth to the overall plot. The show’s portrayal of their journey is not just a physical quest but also an exploration of personal identities and destinies within a fantastical world.

The drama’s unique approach to the Xianxia genre is noted, offering a youthful and fresh perspective with a mix of friendship, romance, and character development. The show diverges from typical Xianxia clichés by focusing on character growth rather than starting with all-powerful leads. The main characters, especially the female lead Ayin, have great development and chemistry​.

In certain parts, the narrative gets boring and predictable, with a lack of originality compared to other Chinese dramas. While the show targets a teenage audience, some aspects, such as plot clarity and character chemistry, could be improved. Despite these critiques, the drama has stunning costumes, backgrounds, special effects, and occasional humorous moments​.

“The Last Immortal” seems to resonate well with many viewers for its high production quality, engaging storyline, and character development, though it faces some criticism for its predictability and character dynamics.

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